Well over 10000 hits on this website documenting the exploits of one Soheil Mehrab-Khani, a Bahai who entered this country (Australia) as a refugee, and who feels it's fine not to pay Tradesmen (or even his own lawyers) for work done, build whatever he wants to without or irrespective of building permits, inflict misery on neighbours and to issue threats including threats of murder and serious injury to anyone who stands in his way.

The latest visit on 5th December is by the Tasmanian Government, who spent 30 minutes going over the blog:
See : http://developerkhani.blogspot.com/2011/12/over-10-000-hits-on-developerkhanicom.html

Let's hope a little more interest in Mehrab-Khani is shown by the Tasmanian Government, because Hobart City Council has shown itself to be lazy and incompetent and unable or unwilling to ensure compliance with Planning Tribunal Orders.

Neither does the Council seem prepared to act to deal with harm being caused to the city's tourist industry by the 'Harrington 102' Accommodation Facility (to call it an Hotel would be inaccurate).

The interesting thing about this visit is what was typed into Google by the Tasmanian Government-- "161 Bathurst St". It seems there is some interest in this property, which was the impetus for the blog being in existence in the first place.

Posted by Tom Berger
at http://developerkhani.blogspot.com

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