An open letter to Patrick O'Mara by a Concerned Baha'i (Part 2)

An Open Letter
Mr. Patrick O’Mara
National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United Kingdom
27 Rutland Gate, London SW7 1PD
Tel: 020-7584-2566
Fax: 020-7584 9402

Subject : State of Bahá’í Faith – Serious Introspection (II)

Dear Patrick,

This is second of my communication in a series in which I would like British Bahá’ís that matter to introspect. In the previous letter I had highlighted the growing influence of Persians and how the Bahá’í Faith in UK is left more as gossiping club than a progressing Faith. In this letter I wish to bring to attention the impersonal approach of Assemblies and Institutes in Britain and here again how the Persian shadow looms large.

When Naomi Long MP, the Member of Parliament for Belfast East, spoke of “shocking treatment of the Baha’i community in Iran”, I failed to understand that why these elected Member of Parliament have closed their eyes and ears to the treatment given to the Bahá’ís by the Bahá’í Administrative bodies in their own backyard. The Bahá’ís  of UK have experienced abandonment, shunning, excommunication, fear and everything one can imagine at the hands of certain individuals serving on assemblies and Institutes, which we are supposed to believe are Infallible. Baseless court cases are imposed on them to make them surrender to the Will of the Bahá’í Institutions.

The influence of Persian Bahá’ís is increasing day by day and the local Bahá’ís are supposed to fall in line with these super elites of our community who claim to be superior just because the Bahá’í Faith emerged from their homeland and it is left to their whims and wishes to impose on anyone they wish, Administrative sanctions or outright declare them as covenant breakers. The UK Bahá’ís community is terrorized to remain subdued.

Patrick, the UK Bahá’í community is sitting on a volcano and it is a matter of time when it erupts engulfing just not the UK Bahá’ís but neighboring countries also.

Patrick I have, through my service here at the National Assembly, witnessed cases of flagrant immorality and harm here in our community, intentionally and unintentionally at the hands of Bahá’ís and Bahá’í Administration. I have been at the receiving end of persecutions and threats. It gives me immense pain when I realize these injustices are being meted out to me and my family in the full view of Universal House of Justice. Some of the members of the UK National Assembly were and are in constant contact with the members of Universal House of Justice and it is with their full knowledge that one after another court cases are being slammed. My family is constantly being spied upon and their movements are constantly being watched by the ABMS, Counselors and professional/private detective agencies. It seems that spying in Bahá’í Faith has become a law rather than exception.

Where are the empathy, loving assistance and guidance of the institutions and community in accordance with the counsels of the Pen of the Most High before such punishments are meted out? Where is their love and guidance and aid when a family is left on their own, ostracized by the community?  

It is for the local and national institutions to cater for spiritual and emotional well-being of the community and to shower upon them love and encouragement.  It is for the institutions to be transparent, in their decision-making procedures and to clearly share their reasons for their decisions and to give an opportunity to clarify their stand and remedy their mistakes (if so) and errors. I had the greatest desire for unity and have spent countless days in silence in prayers in the hope that doors will open.  

Patrick, our institutes are so drenched in hate that all other realities get a back seat. Patrick, the day is not far when the fate will be full of hypocrites (read Persians) and others will be side-lined. Patrick, has the time not come to call a spade, a spade? For the sake of our future generations, it is important that we stand-up today and make our opinion count.

A Concerned Bahá’í

Source : TRB

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