Bei Dawei, "Zlaod Dawoud," or the Pentagon

In 2005, under false pretenses, a character writing under the alias Zlaod Dawoud subscribed under that pseudonym to several Haifan Baha'i related lists as well as my Bayan19 group on yahoogroups. He also posted on TRB. He claimed to be a non-Bahai and some kind of researcher in religious studies (specializing in NRMs) affiliated with a university in Taiwan. Yet immediately he allied himself with the talisman9 Baha'i platform and pushed some very explicit pro-Bahai positions, including casting hubris at anyone who underscored the corrupt nature of the Haifan Baha'i organization. This attitude is evident in his article.

In 2011 this character published an article on
> under the name Bei Dawei, which was recast here,, and several other places, including here:

This individual as Bei Dawei is said to be a tenured faculty member of an unknown university in Taiwan as well as a member of the Taiwan Association for Religious Studies, see here: (scroll down). However the AAR (American Academy of Religion) have never heard of him nor has he ever presented at any of their conferences, nor is it apparent what institution he is actually affiliated with.

It has now been brought to my attention by a reliable source that this individual, whose real name isn't Bei Dawei as it turns out, actually works for the US military. FYI

Please refer to the following articles for evidence that the US military engages in such black propaganda tactics online:

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