Violette Nakhjavani is dead !

Violette Nakhjavani
This is the end to the fake stories of Ruhiyyih Khanum. Many of the Baha'is who used to get bored by all those fake stories fabricated by this lady will take a long breath of relaxation. Violette is no more with them, so now no more boring and fabricated stories of Madame Ruhiyyih!

She went to Abha kingdom early morning of 14th September in France. So now she will narrate all those stories (fabricated ones) to Mr. P. Khan who took a flight to Abha Kingdom on 15th July.

In her life she got many chances to travel with Ruhiyyih Khanum throughout the world. So, many people saw her with Madame Ruhiyyih and that's why many poor and innocent Baha'is put their faith in her and believed in whatever she said, I mean all those fabricated stories. You can listen to all those hyperbolas on youtube.

Ruhiyyih and Violette in Africa
Her actual name was née Banani. She was the wife of Mr. Ali yullah Nakhjavani, who was as a member of the Universal House of Justice, the supreme governing body of the Haifan Bahá'í Faith, from 1963 to 2003. So this lady is very important. In Baha'i faith the Continental Counselors, International Counselors and UHJ members are very important and their wives are important too.

Ali and Violette have one daughter, Bahiyyih, and one son, Mehran; they currently reside in France. Bahiyyih is a member of "Baha'i International Faith" and about Mehran no info is available.

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