Supreme Court of Afghanistan declared Baha’i faith as form of blasphemy and followers of it as infidels

"Non-Muslim minority groups, particularly Christian, Hindu, Sikh, and Bahai groups, which together constitute approximately 1 percent of the population, were targets of discrimination and persecution. The minority Shia community continued to face discrimination from the majority Sunni population. Authorities detained at least two converts from Islam to Christianity during the reporting period, although both have since been released. Television programming led to increased negative public opinion and suspicion of Christian activities and targeted violence and harassment against Christians, including converts from Islam. The Afghan Supreme Court ruled that membership in the Bahai Faith constituted blasphemy and that Muslims who convert to the Bahai Faith are apostates. Local Hindu and Sikh populations continued to encounter problems in obtaining land for cremation and harassment during major celebrations."

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  1. Recognizing Bahais aren't alone in terms of religious persecution in Afghanistan, I find it interesting that the Afghan Supreme Court rules Bahais are blasphemers and apostates, exactly what Haifan Bahai "scholars" have long done against Bahais of other denominations and conscience.

    Here's the likely scenario, judging from past cases: The Wilmette-Haifan nsa, after repeatedly trying to destroy other Bahai denominations in the US Federal Courts, and after such Bahais as Moojan Momen libeled 15 Bahis in the London academic journal "Religion," the NSA and the UHJ will appeal to the US State Department to protect its rights to religious freedom and conscience in Afghanistan, running ads in the New York Times and media beating its breast, bewailing how innocent it is, though nary word about its hypocrisy...

    ‘Marginality and Apostasy in the Baha’i Community’ (Religion 37 [2007] 187–209. Response to it from some of the maligned:

    Responses to Apostacy


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