Baha’i Faith is Hypocrisy personified

The Baha’i faith as it stands today faces a challenge of becoming irrelevant to the sayings of Baha’u’llah and Abdul Baha. Having failed to attract converts and not getting acceptance from the world society, the Baha’i Faith today is trying to serve itself as a religion in terms of writing OPEN LETTERS (as against Holy writings!!) that have no bearing whatsoever on the targeted people.

Very recently we heard about a petition made by 31 Imminent Indians to the Government of Iran, on another occasion we heard that Baha’is wrote an irrelevant letter to the people of Egypt.

There was again an ‘Open letter’ in the Wall Street Journal republished Dr. Kishan Manocha, Director of the Office of External Affairs of the Bahá’í community of the UK.  The document, dated 7th December and addressed to Ayatollah Mohammad Sadeq Larijani, stating the injustices meted out to Iranian Baha’is. Many more open letters must be in the pipe line.

These open letters afford Baha’is opportunity to be in touch with Media, non-governmental organizations, various government officials and prominent individuals.

Although The Guardian of the Baha’i Faith has forbidden Baha’is to take part in any such campaign, which is political in character, the present Baha’is have resorted to this as a last measure. Extract of the Guardians advice is indicated below:

“The Baháís should refrain from signing petitions designed to bring pressure on the Government which may have any political character whatsoever. There are so many other people who can carry on progressive types of activity, but only the Baháís can do the work of Baháulláh”…
(Shoghi Effendi, dated March 19, 1946, in The Unfolding Destiny of the British Bahá'í Community, p. 44)

The Baha’is know it very well that these reactions will harm the Baha’is in Iran but the fact is that the UHJ wants MARTYRS IN IRAN so that they can shout BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD, Money, Money, Money.

The Baha’is of World have done nothing to help their fellow Baha’is inside or outside of the Iran. They have been content to benefit economically and extract cheap propaganda for themselves. The Baha’is are an inward-looking community which can sacrifice its own people for monetary gains.

We see so much injustice and oppression prevailing in the world, and thousands are dying, but the only thing that comes to the mind of Baha’is is perceived threat, violence to themselves. No mention is made of the fact that Jews, Christians and Muslims have been threatened or attacked. The Baha’is seem to judge the justice of a regime according to how well it treats the Baha’is. An unjust regime treating the Baha’is well is tolerated or even extolled, while a popular regime which deprives Baha’is of certain freedom (perhaps along with other religious groups) is regarded as evil.

When UHJ was approached to give a statement on ‘Iraq invasion’ it said that we follow the policy of non-involvement in politics. This ‘non involvement’ tag on Baha’is are ‘get-out passes’ from just about everything.

Needless to say, the Baha’is are gradually gaining a reputation for hypocrisy and self-interestedness. The world of Internet has exposed the Baha’i Community that has a deliberate agenda of using education / educational institutions / educational programmes to promote their activities and their faith.

The Baha’is also have a deliberate policy of targeting prominent people, including teachers and other educationalists – all influential strata of society. Issues of common concerns are used to attract these strata but without making apparent it is the Baha’i Faith propagation that gets priority. Crowds are drawn in the names of these prominent personalities but intentions are different.

Look at how events are twisted to know the true character of the Baha’is. Baha’is were caught teaching Baha’i Faith to the children in IRAN, which is an illegal activity in Iran.  Instead of humbly accepting their mistake, the Baha’is said they were teaching the underprivileged children (knowing Baha’i nature this can only be far from truth!!!). Baha’is indulge in such ‘social’ activities (read ‘anti-social’) for influencing the children of other community not only related to Iran but in many countries where such activities are not seen appropriate. A question arises in ones mind – is need of education in Baha’i community totally established that they have to educate only other communities?

In Uzbekistan, during a police raid, the Baha’is were caught proselytizing the children as young as 10 years about Baha’i Faith. On being questioned,  if they had the consent of the parents, they said, ”we were having Tea together and for having a cup of tea neither the consent of parents nor any authority is required”. Have you heard ten year olds having tea with matured men? Needless to say the Baha’is were immediately deported out of Uzbekistan. Refer for details.

In India they said, “We are creating Promoters of the Community Well being”. When the Baha’is were taken to the police station, Baha’i officials said that “we were conducting practicals for these students”. They were told that schools were better places for the students to get their practical training. On further questioning, the students confessed that they were going to villages for conduction of Baha’i religious classes for children and youths and they were told by their teachers that their course will be completed only when they do these activities. The teacher had also warned them to be ‘TACTFUL’ while propagating the Baha’i religion. On seeing the Baha’i books it became clear for the Police that it was a conversion class. As the 'Ruhi Book' that they were having, contained Baha'i religious material and chapters such as "UNDERSTANDING THE BAHA'I WRITINGS." (Refer for details)

In Indonesia the Bahá'ís were arrested and prosecuted under the Law of Child Protection (23-2002) trying to convert children of other faith as young as 9 to 10 years. The Police found that there is very compelling evidence for the crime and violation of law of land. The Indonesian Government requires that Religious groups and social organizations must obtain permits to hold religious concerts or other public events. Permits usually are granted in an unbiased manner; unless there is concern that the activity could anger members of another faith who live in the area. Baha’is had once again violated the code of conduct (refer for details)

In 2008 in Yemen four Baha’is, Mr. Zia'u'llah Pourahmari, Mr. Keyvan Qadari, Mr. Behrooz Rohani. and Mr. Sayfi Ibrahim Sayfi, were arrested and deported on charges of “proselytizing” in a manner against Yemeni law.

Reports are also there that the Christian priests have warned the Baha’is, in no uncertain terms, that they should conduct the Ruhi book courses only with Baha’i children and not with non Baha’i children.

With such frustrating experiences the Faith has no option but to gain sympathy from world by writing ‘Open Letters’. The world has now seen the true face of Baha’is and can no longer be deceived. History has never seen such deception ever. The Baha’is should spend rest of the time left for the Faith and reflect on validity of their Faith and the hoax care-takers of the Faith (the Universal House of Justice). Reality will not be hidden then. In the interest of humanity this is a MUST.

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  2. Most assuredly a cult. My x-wife gave me a year to convert or our separation would become permanent (She says this is what the 'church' advised her to do).I left and came to Toronto. This Bahaullah character thinks he's God. He speaks of God in the 1st person. (sounds like paranoid schizophrenia, delusions of grandeur, to me). This chauvinistic organization will break up families to fill their coffers. Shame, Shame, Shame.

    1. These are personal issues, many in my family are married to non Bahais and are still married and everything is alright. Sounds that your partner needed to be oriented with Bahai faith more to understand that no one forces a faith or dissolves a marriage in such way.

  3. I think it is enough to say: Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you. Later, God will deal with you as you deserve for this huge grudge and hatred you carry in your heart with no justice.

    1. Apart from the confusion about the 'continuance' of the Bahai Faith through male offspring and Wills. Surely the failure to attain this testifies to the weakness of the predictions and claim that the faith is inspired. Looked like chaos to me. But I must answer the 'shame' accusation. I became a Bahai after attending firesides. I thought it was a faith of benefit. Once I was in I learned that certain aspects were only revealed after joining not before.
      I found a strong bias against women and pressure to entertain all Bahais no matter what and to live my life within the community. The fact that I had many friends outside the faith was frowned upon. I was constantly being visited by Bahais new to the area who were told to expect hospitality as "that is what Bahais do". On one long visit to a Bahai in a different area, I was raped by the man who drove the vehicle. I was traumatized by this but thought that I should appeal to the Bahai's in the first instance. It was obvious from their response that they knew that he had commit other offences. He had been thrown out by his wife, his sister. He subsequently committed a sexual offence again, still the same "we are all sinners and come to Bahaullah for help with this. No sympathy at all. The man also beat up men who he saw as 'competing for women he was interested in'.
      At a later stage one of the young daughters aged 14 announced she was pregnant by a 22 year-old policment also of the Bahai faith. We were expected to rush around trying to find someplace they could go to where a marriage could be conducted not possible in the UK. The charge for an adult having intercourse with a minor is rape in the British Isles.
      As someone whose womenfolk have compaigned long and hard over the last century for equality of females I found this insistance that men could decide the fate of these perpetrators of crime sickening. Everything was about preserving the outward appearance of the faith not protecting and supporting victims.
      I also found the constant gossip, innuendo and backbiting worse than anything I've ever experienced anywhere, including my school. There was much more than the national average divorce in our community also. My view of faith is that the truth will attract right thinkers and truth seekers. It will also help those seeking a better way of spiritual development to flourish. This was certainly not my experience. With regard to the young girl who I see as being abused the explanation was "thats why Bahaullah suggests that girls be married off by this time" it saves them from harm. Actually, I was 40 when I joined, I had travelled extensively in East Africa and the Middle East and have never been in harms way. In Britain we have an age of consent so that children can be educated and reach their full potential whether male or female. These two cases show that the Bahai Faith is neither progressive nor inclusive.
      There is no hatred in my heart, just disappointment and a lingering anger at the way I was abused and made to feel I was in some way responsible for that abuse.
      Finally, the man who abused me has gone on to commit further atrocities. He has just been accused of brutality by his third wife and she and her daughter have had to be housed in a womens' refuge. Once again, the LSA have supported him and sheltered him to the detriment of another innocent victim.
      The Bahai faith talks about equality of the sexes but does not practice it, talks about 'no backbiting' but is a hotbed of gossip and untruths and fails to uphold the laws of the land if to do so exposes the Faith to criticism and contempt. Inspired by God? I certainly hope not.
      I also believe that Bahais are supporting the Israeli Government in their attrocious policies against the Palestinians. As someone very familiar with Israel and its views I find it astounding that Bahai institutions can flourish the way they do unless they support the Government.

  4. Dear Author,
    I feel your motives to write about the Bahai’ Faith are unclear.
    Be an independent seeker and ponder the fruits of the subject of your attack. Undeniably, we are in this life for a short while before we are brought back to our creator for account.
    While this site hosts your personal opinion on something you clearly don't know much about, I in return would invite you to visit the so many non-biased sites which presents the Bahai Faith fairly (ex: www.
    If people are allowed to independently seek the truth of this faith, most will wish to join the Bahai’s of this world in their endeavor to bring world peace and unity to a world of diversity. The subject of your attack is a prescription for salvation to a world undoubtedly sinking into a dark future while destruction is on our door steps. Salvation can only be achieved if we think globally and not inclusively, and this is the core of the Bahai’s vision.
    Don't spend your precious life on what can cause harm and distress; better leave your fingerprints in whatever brings unity to this shredded world. The subject of faith is personal to each one of us, especially when most inherit religion from their parents. However, the reality of our existence is conditioned and comes with a purpose. As a Bahai’ I strive every day of my life to spread the principles of unity around me in a world full of hatred, prejudice and misconceptions. I speak of my intentions openly and sincerely rather than behind the doors and under tables. Try to think out of the box, leave what is inherited behind you, and be a seeker of true knowledge. The truth is out there for you to find and you alone can decide what quality of life you want for yourself.
    Allow me to share the following prayer by Bahaullah:
    O my God! O my God! Unite the hearts of Thy servants, and reveal to them Thy great purpose. May they follow Thy commandments and abide in Thy law. Help them, O God, in their endeavor, and grant them strength to serve Thee. O God leave them not to themselves, but guide their steps by the light of thy knowledge, and cheer their hearts by their love. Verily, Thou art their Helper and their Lord.

    1. Beautifully explained our beloved brother. Thank you for trying to 'open the spiritual eyes' of our misinformed brothers and sisters.

  5. I have presented the facts with proofs. Why should I be ashamed? Infact you should be ashamed... you claim of "independent investigation of truth" and when truth is presented to you, you start abusing. This is really shameful and this is the pattern of Hosein Ali Nari.

  6. Dear Anonymous,
    You ask me to refer to "non-biased sites" and you call a non-biased site. You are number one Hypocrite and a true follower of Hosein Ali Nari. This certificate is for your is the topmost biased website. It has 'carefully' selected content to trap innocent people. It contains tampered history written by the loyalists of Baha. Baha's writings only carefully and selected ones are available. No writings of Bab are available. Not even 1% of the writings of Bab are available on this so called 'NON-BIASED' site. And what I have witnessed throughout the world is that people are not entering this cult but leaving it in huge numbers. They only join for some time (because they feel good when they are new, they do not understand the traps and tricks and hypocrisy) then they leave it and sit idle. These are not Baha'is. I myself know 100s of such 'one time Baha'is' who are not et all interested in this bogus cult.

    And for unity remember one thing. Stop hating / fearing Azalis, Orthodox Baha'is, Covenant Breakers. You must remove each and every line regarding Subh-i-Azal, Muhammad Ali, Mason Remey from your holy books.

    One side you talk of love and unity and other side your preach hate about those who do not believe in your version of God and faith.

    This is real hypocrisy. Read some other articles on hypocrisy and open your eyes.

  7. Who you really are has become very clear now, so is your target. You are on a mission and will not stop no matter what. Therefore I will not bother with you, I will leave you to God. I swear to god I feel sorry for you and will pray that the darkness and grudge inside you will one day set you free.
    Have a good life...

  8. I cannot let you guys freely deceive people! And I am not alone doing this noble task. There are many people now-a-days openly writing about your cult. There are many Ex-Baha'is, many disenchanted ones. I pray to Almighty God (Allah) to bring you out of this mumbo-jumbo. May He help you see the truth without the curtain of childish Ruhi Books. May He give you wisdom and understanding to grasp the truth that a normal man calling himself to be the "Sender of Manifestations", "lord of lords" and "The one who spoke to Moses on Sinai" is a scoundrel. May He grant you wisdom to come out of the cult created by this most great Hypocrite.

  9. Hi Nasser, I'm an atheist, and I watch people accusing each other of hypocrisy and I laugh. So tell me wise guy while you're insisting that someone's recent messenger is false, how in hell can you believe in a messenger from over a 1000 year! Now this is true hypocrisy=brain washed= heritage=shallow belief. It's the same old story, people of previous religion will always condemn the ones following a later one no matter what ;and this world will keep drowning in hatred and waste of time accusations.
    I wish you can use your site for a more meaningful cause...Looking forward to see some change!

  10. Dear Kate,
    Thank you for your comment.
    Let me tell you, I had been a Baha'i for more than 20 years. I know how these hypocrites behave. And based on my experience with them I am 100% sure that you are a Fundamentalist Brainwashed Ruhiized Haifan Cultist.

    Now reply to your comment :
    Firstly I am not here to prove the truthfulness of my religion. Secondly this place is dedicated to Baha'i cult only. You are free to talk whatever regarding this cult (Negative / Positive). I am ready to reply you. Regarding the religions that are 1000 or more years old. I am really not interested to talk about them. The Christians and Muslims are already having dialogue at various places including Vatican and the muslim world.

    Now lets try to find out some solution for the problem you are talking about. I Ask Baha'i cultists to start dialogue with Azalis and Muslims. Your supreme body must invite Azalis for an open live debate. There are many Azali scholars in Iran. In the west Mr. Wahid Azal. Let's talk about the differences, let the truth be known to the people. Let them analyze the truth from every perspective. If you preach hatred in the name of love and peace, then this is not going to solve the problems. You talk of love and peace then you brainwash your children about Azali faith, you abuse and teach biased information to your children in your Ruhi Books... this is Hypocrisy.

    Call on Muslim Scholars. Talk to them, prove them that Hosein Ali Nari was "God Manifested", Lord of Lords, Sender of Manifestations, Return of Christ, Return of Mohamed, Return of Bab, Return of Krishna and All in One. Bring Bayan, Aqhdas, Ighaan. Let's have an open discussion... and finish off this matter once for all. If you want I can recommend you some good muslim scholars.

    Thank you.

  11. I'm sorry I came to this site!

  12. Gee anonymous, you don't mind showing yourself as someone of low breeding and sub-moronic intelligence, do you? I bet your mother and father were father and daughter, weren't they?
    Any other pearls of wisdom for us?

    THE ANSWER IS... NO.... or yes?

  14. The answer is yes. Other cults do have hypocrisy but BAHAISM is the king of all the Hypocritical cults.

    1. Simin...Were you raised baha'i? I became Baha'i in highschool, 1980. I finally left in 1997...but it still haunts me.

  15. I have visited Lotus Temple umpteen times, interacted with so many Baha'i me never have i felt even near to what the author of this page says.....Bahai's have always tried to unite and will continue till the end...I personally appeal the author to just visit the Temple might change your view....
    The best part is even after reading such awful things,a Baha'i would invite you and treat with complete respect

    1. Yes, they would invite you, with respect, hoping you would sign their declaration card - then as soon as you do, you're no longer love-bombed and respected. Instead you get heaps of administrative work to do, must go proselytize (but they call it teaching) and are expected to extend hospitality to everyone whether you're good at that and comfortable with it or not. Plus if you overstep one of their rigid laws you are summoned to the LSA for a tongue lashing or possibly tossed out as you are no longer valued, loved, or respected by them. They value seekers, not fellow Baha'is, for anything more than they can get them to do (administrative work, work, work.) This is a personal opinion based on my thirty years in the Baha'i cult.

  16. Firstly, can I say I hope you all heal yourselves from this hatred. It serves nobody. I declared Baha'i 3 years ago, and instantly began to realize that it was simply a very immature movement. I was initially attracted because I have always believed in humanity as ONE entity, all connected, and all equal, whether we behave in such a manner or not, the truth is that we are! However, what i found, as someone who traveled around from community to community, is that the faith protects itself at all costs, sadly, even the cost of its members. Yes, child abuse is covered up or smoothed over to protect the faith. Narcissistic sociopaths are attracted to the mild and meek mannered Baha'is, and what a hay day they have when they find that their perfect targets have no voices to speak the truth of the havoc they wreak in their lives. Gays are an abomination, although Baha'is try to refrain from using such language, they treat them as such. There are literally courses and programs in the Baha'i faith for gays to be trained to believe they can pray it away and rid themselves of the affliction, not unlike Exodus. I'm not saying this is wrong, if this is a choice for a consenting adult who would like to change their sexuality, more power to you. The Baha'i Faith is not interested in people who have minds of their own. They do not allow prayers from anywhere but their specific prayer books. Most being prayers that just did not feel authentic for me to speak. They stay in their little bubble communities and brainwash their children with children's classes, youth groups, and forced memorization of these specific Baha'i prayers. Making it impossible for these children to figure out how to function in the real world of humanity in which they claim to be out saving from itself. Even the Ruhi study books TELL you what you must believe or how you must live as a Baha'i. These are books they use to introduce people to the faith, to begin a dialog with people from all backgrounds and faiths, yet there is no deviation from exactly what the faith believes in these books, no open discussion or dialog if it includes anything outside the Baha'i belief. I met one woman who's husband left her and the Baha'i Faith and became a Jehova's Witness. Her children decided to follow in his footsteps, leaving her the only Baha'i in the family. She has been on a mission ever since to literally "compete with and outnumber the Jehova's Witnesses" and has no discerning spirit in terms of who she converts. Heroin addicts on the street; Just numbers, just numbers, give me more. No offense to heroin addicts, my apologies, because they deserve to be loved and to have a safe place to go. But if you are going to pick them up, only to drop them back in the gutter as soon as they sign the Baha'i card, because you and the faith are not equipped to truly help them, you do no good at all for them or the faith. I am not bashing the Baha'i faith. I am sharing my experience. I will always be a friend to, supportive of, and willing to work alongside anyone who is genuinely altruistic, looking to work for the true betterment of the world in which we all share. This could just as easily be a Muslim, a Christian, an atheist, they could be Jewish, agnostic, gay, straight, black, white...The truth is, religion or no religion at all, people are people, and it would be unfair to judge the Christian Faith by the acts of such individuals as David Koresh and Matthew Hale, or Jim Jones, or any number of Catholic priests, just as it would be unfair to judge the Baha'i faith for its many members who have been trained well to keep their mouths shut and their eyes closed. It's unfortunate, but it does not make them criminals. Most of them mean well, i think, it simply is not for me. I have a mind of my own. Signed, UN-declared Baha'i

  17. I was so glad tobread this article. My friend was sucked into a bahai community in new Mexico. He spends outrageous money on books and march that they sell. He has the meetings at his house and always has elders or whatever checking in on his house and micro managing his life. As much as they like to say they aren't out to convert people it is literally all my friend tries to do since he joined. Every conversation is always about trying to convert me. I too also noticed the dislike of women and also gays and Christians. Total hypocrites. I feel that it would take so little for this group to become really dangerous.

  18. I was born into a family of a mom who became Bahai in her 20's and have NEVER experienced any of these things you speak about. NONE! People make mistakes, that's not the Faith and it's teachings. In my community, after an incident couldn't be handled with our local spiritual assembly, police were involved, as it became serious. What is wrong with that? Bahai's give a year of separation, before final divorce, to see if the issues can work out or not, through prayer. If both parties decide to end the marriage after that, it is perfectly ok. People are infallible and it isn't meant for us to know how, or why God makes things happen. We do what we can with the teachings we have to perfect our soul for the Abha Kingdom. Unlike churches, who take tithing and offerings from people not of their faith. ONLY Bahai's tithe money to the Bahai Faith. No offering plate is passed around at Bahai School on Sundays. We don't politic. I have NEVER known anyone to be excommunicated because they weren't Bahai anymore. More best friend growing up became Mormon in her first marriage and I don't think she's a practicing Bahai now, but her mother hasn't pushed her out of her life. I've been in fire sides, 19 day feasts and have had PLENTY of people read from the Bible, a Buddhist prayer etc. I am sorry you had the people you had around you, and someone with some Discernment could be able to tell that that isn't the Bahai Faith, but people who are on Journey to progress to where we need to be.

  19. If your mother would have chosen to become an Azali (Bayani) or an Orthodox Baha'i or a follower of Neal Chase (BUPC Baha'is). Then?

  20. Hi, I have read each and every word you read anf I found it interesting that you took the time and effort to do so. I still see it evident that Bahais do no interfere in politics. I also see it right not to interfere in Iraq or other invasion wars. The Bahais do not deny any justice. Also, they don't interfere in India Kashmir it Israel Palestine or Venezuela or other. They do mention obviously the atrocities that concerns Bahais in Iran or other countries. They also mention about other injustice happening to all humans everywhere and even help people all around the world. As for children's class it's 100% false that you mention no parental consent and I have been to many myself and attended others. All around the world Bahais are teaching children about kindness, honesty and such attributes. What's wrong with that? And you say convert 😊, that is also not true. You cannot declare Bahai faith until you are brother decided to he secular.. If it was a converting type my brother in no way could be allowed to choose whatever he pleased. Lastly, the talking about money and economic benefit I ask you to have some shame. Do something good to society and if you can't don't spread lies. Finally, if tiy are a previous Bahai May God have mercy on what you are doing to your soul.

  21. "Also, they don't interfere in India Kashmir it Israel Palestine or Venezuela or other."

    Nope. That is not the correct way to see at things, IMHO. By remaining silent on Israeli occupation Baha'is are actually supporting the Israelis. You must have read this quote "Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor."

    "They also mention about other injustice happening to all humans everywhere and even help people all around the world."

    Show me an example.

    "All around the world Bahais are teaching children about kindness, honesty and such attributes."

    From the Baha'i writings, right? All these "good teachings" with the ulterior motive of gradually converting them or introducing them the Baha'i faith. Abdul Baha has asked the Baha'is to "sow the seeds" in these innocent hearts. Have you read this quote from Abdul Baha? "All the meetings must be for teaching the Cause and spreading the Message, and suffering the souls to enter in the Kingdom of Baha’u’llah. Look at me. All my thoughts are centered around the proclamation of the Kingdom. I have a Lamp in my hand searching through the lands and seas to find souls who can become heralds of the Cause. Day and night I am engaged in this work. Any other deliberations in the meetings are futile and fruitless. Convey the Message! Attract the hearts! Sow the seeds! Teach the Cause to those who do not know."


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