Baha'i Architecture : The grave of Shoghi Effendi

The unique Baha'i Architecture
Tsarina's Stone, oldest public monument in Helsinki, Finland.

In the middle of the Market Square is Helsinki’s oldest public monument, the Tsarina’s Stone. It is an obelisk of red granite topped by a globe and an eagle, the emblem used by the Tsars of Russia. The eagle’s breastplate shows a lion, the coat of arms of Finland. The monument was erected in 1835 in honour of the visit by Tsar Nikolai I and the Tsarina Alexandra, who stepped ashore here.
In 1917, the year of the Russian Revolution and Finland’s independence, Russian seamen took down the globe and eagle, but the Finns kept them safe and they were put back in 1971. There are few places anywhere else where original monuments to the old Russian royal family still exist.

Here is the Baha'i story for Eagle & Globe on Shoghi.

Somebody asked this question to Ruhiyyih Khanum the widow of Shoghi :

Where exactly was the eagle that was used as a model for the one on the Guardian's grave purchased?

She answered : Down on Princes Street [in Edinburgh], going down the hill towards Holyrood Castle; in that direction, on the left hand side, there was a very very famous antique shop, run by a woman who somebody yesterday in an antique shop told me they knew very well. I thought she was Scottish; she was Jewish, and she was Mrs something-or-other, I don't remember the name, and she's since passed away, and the shop doesn't exist any more.

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  1. The eagle and the globe originates in ancient rome and the double headed eagle originates in babylon (enki and enlil) and the nine pointed star is masonic in orgin as a mtaphor for the hiding of a great hidden secret.
    And I would suspect that the eagle and globe on shogi effendis grave comes from the grand lodge on george street......regards


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