Introduction: Motive of this Blog

Since the early days of establishment of Islamic Republic system in the State of Iran, conspiracies have been under way by the superpowers, especially the Great Satan "America", to break up the people's resistance and to overthrow the system. So far, over 700 instances of domestic and foreign plots have been uncovered and neutralized by the alert people and the responsible organs. Extensive propaganda by the enemy through imperialistic media and Zionist news agencies, which have spread their sinister domina­tion over more than 85% of the world's propaganda activities, has been a basic pillar of such conspiracies. Aggrandizing the Bahá’i issue in Iran, falsifying facts and utilizing such methods as tools to overwhelm public opinion and to scar the holy countenance of the Islamic Revolution hold a special place in the chain link of the consecutive conspiracies by the enemies of this divine movement. In particular, in the wake of the enemies' past scandalous defeats in their plots to overthrow the government and to inflict destruction, the above issue has been valued more than ever before, and the affiliated press in different countries, especially European countries and the affiliated international associations, such as those for defense of Human Rights as well as those for defense of minorities and .... are busy day and night publishing articles and raising untruthful issues in connection with "the Iranian Bahá’is".

Although the policy adopted by the authorities of the Islamic Republic in the face of the propaganda wave is not to involve themselves in a propaganda war or neglect their noble objectives of stabilizing the system and to renovate the ruins, and on the other hand, the affiliation of this sect to imperialism is so clear and apparent and the Bahá’i issue is so negligible and unimportant that it does not call for much force, nevertheless, since the false rumors spread by the imperialist mouth-piece, together with the crocodile tears shed by pretentious western individuals and organizations for groups such as the Bahá’is and the terrorists and ... might cause some unaware people to be affected by them, we decided to state the facts and uncover the baseless ness of the enemies' unfair propaganda by preparing this booklet including the history and records of this stray faith and their destructive activities together with the relevant documents thereof.

It should be noted that in this "summary" we have not meant to attempt an overall historical and social analysis of the development of this faith, to find the roots of the causes thereof or to document the whole activities of this treacherous political party because a sufficient number of books have been written on this subject, and the existence of assemblies of the followers of this sect in various European countries and their connection with international Zionism is so clear and vivid that it obviates the need for any further explanation. Rather, our effort has been directed at mentioning their affiliation since the beginning, with due observance of the principle of "sampling", as well as proving the rightfulness of the Islamic Republic authorities' manner of confronting this imperialistic development and divulging the hostile propaganda by the Bahá’is Zionist allies, by citing and referring to ample documents in this respect.

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