Another group that strives to demolish Islam is the Bahais. The chief of these irreligious people is Bahaullah. He was a pupil and the caliph of a Persian named Albab Ali Muhammad. Albab used to call himself mirror. He used to say, Allah is seen in this mirror. When he died, Bahaullah became their chief and began to spread his sophistries which he termed Bahaism. Before he died, they put his son Abdulbaha Abbas in this place. Abbas took the name Ghasniyyi Azam. Abbas, who went to Europe and America, gathered more than a hundred thousand Bahais and died in 1339 A.H. [1921]. He was succeeded by his son Shawqi. He also spread the religion of Bahaism. Bahaullah used to say that he was a prophet and the great savior of the latest time. It was this pretension whereby he first smeared himself with the ignominy of blasphemy. He also said that one more prophet would come two thousand years later. According to these disbelievers, who have no proximity to Islam, nineteen is a sacred number. Their fasting practice continues for nineteen days. Each Bahai has to invite nineteen Bahais after every nineteen days. Their irreligious cult is governed by nineteen people elected for their supreme assembly which they call The House of General Justice. Each Bahai has to give each year one fifth of his earnings to this assembly. It is necessary, so they say, to marry at the age of eleven. It is forbidden to live single. It is an act of worship, according to them, to assemble together with nude women; no other acts of worship are necessary. Every sort of immorality is considered an honor.

The Bahais have eighty-eight organizations all over the world. They deceive Christians, Jews, Magians, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and Buddhists and allure them towards themselves. Their relentless enemies are Islamic savants, whom they fear most and whom they cannot stand against. They have not been able to deceive any Muslims who know and understand their faith. Though they spend millions of dollars to translate their books and publications of propaganda into forty-eight languages and to disseminate them everywhere, they remain impotent against Islam and are gradually melting away. On the other hand, in Europe, America, Africa and Australia, seventy-seven local lodges have been registered officially. They have great temples in Turkistan [in 1902] and in Chicago [in 1920]. They do not regard race or nationality. Their purpose is, like communists, to spread all over the world and to be governed by the commands of a single dictating person. They do not think of the individuals' interest. They support state capitalism.

Their temples, their organizations, their duties are written in their books which they call Aqdes and on the Inscriptions of Wills. Their belief in Allahu ta'ala and much of their information have been derived from the Islamic din. They have also many invented aspects unconformable with Islam. Their worldly points of view, which are logical and the majority of which are social, are explained under the name of religion and divine wahy.

Their namaz (ritual prayer) is a matter of standing towards Haifa and thinking of Allah. Their hajj is to go to see Bab's house in Shiraz or Bahaullah's house in Baghdad, and to read ayats is to think of Allah through the heart.

Today, the enemies of Islam in the world, especially in our country, masquerade in any disguise and praise any evil which is against Islam with falsely-adorned words in order to demolish Islam. They do not value Bahaism at all. Yet, only because it is against Islam, they write and disseminate articles which praise and boost these irreligious people and laud them to the skies.

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