Bahaism formed for spying

Tehran, May 20, IRNA --

A group of distinguished Iranian officials in separate interviews with IRNA on Wednesday voiced resentment over Bahaism and said it was formed with the objective of conducting espionage.
Deputy head of Majlis Article 90 Commission, Hojjatoleslam Mohammad-Ebrahim Nekounam, said here Wednesday that Bahaism was established to infiltrate Iran and create divisions among Muslims and it did its best to achieve that goal.

The MP quoted founder of the Islamic Republic and father of the Islamic Revolution, the late Imam Khomeini as saying both before and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution that Bahais do not belong to a party, rather they are a group of spies.

He said that a group affiliated to Bahaism are openly in contact with those hostile to Islam and Islamic system and they should be strongly dealt with.

He added that the group of few have links with Israel and are agents of the usurper Zionist regime acting against the Islamic Republic system.

Meanwhile, a Majlis deputy from Saveh, Hossein Islami, said Bahaism wants to create divisions among Muslims.

Islami said that weakening Islam has been the long-term goal of enemies of Islam and Bahaism was established for the same reason.

Also, a former member of the Supreme Council for Cultural Revolution Hojjatoleslam Abbasali Akhtari said support for Bahaism is in fact support for Israel.

Akhtari said support for Bahaism is like supporting Israel at the international level and anybody wishing to officially recognize Bahism will commiting treason against Islam.

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