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According to the colonization idea of 'divide and rule' colo­nialism has always tried to use 'religion' as the best weapon for creating disunity and dispute among the nations. Bahá’ism, the so-called religion, was created in this way by Russian and English Imperialism in 1844. Henceforth, the followers of this faith have tried their best to fulfill the very idea. Today they are perfectly rooted in Zionism and Imperialism of America and are working in collaboration with them. To know their real position and activities is one of the foremost duties of the Muslims and non-Muslims who want to be discerned with this important issue.

Though very short, this blog can help the readers to uncover the realities and facts about this sect.

The content of this Blog is taken from a book that was first published by Nashr-e Farhang-e Inqilab-e Islami, The Hague, Holland.

We wish Muslims all over the world united against all plots and conspiracies of the enemies of Islam.

International Relations Department Islamic Propagation Organization.

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