How a perfect charlatan acts when questioned?

One day, with Mirza Moneer Zaine - son of Jenab'i'Zaine - interpreting our our conversation, I put this question to the Master. Replied the Master (apparently not answering the question directly to the point):

"After the year 1917 there is coming a very great catastrophe in the world".

Pressing the issue, I followed up with the question:

"Will it be anything like an earthquake such as the explosion of Kratatowa (which I remembered having heard something about as a small boy) or the Martinique or the Messina disasters?"

Other disasters were mentioned, to all of which the Master replied:

"Earthquakes such as these are frequent and will continue to be in the future as they have been in the past, but this great catastrophe of which I speak will be of a scale so much greater than these you mention as not to be comparable with them."

Continued He:

"In the past, there have been great catastrophies that have completely wiped out and effaced whole poeples and civilizations from off the earth; leaving no vestige not trace whatsoever of their existence. Of such a nature will be this great catastrophe that is to come."

At this point I asked still another question:

"Would this be soon after 1917, or in the distant future?"

to which the Master replied: "Not soon after nor distant." Here closed the issue; the Master turning the conversation to other matters.

(The Great Global Catastrophe - Amherst magazine , Wisconsin, December 1962)

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