How the artificial breaking up of the Baha'i communities ensures that incumbents never get unseated from the NSA

Ever since 2005 the Baha'i communities have been broken up into unreasonably small jurisdictions (called "communities"), and it is rare to meet Baha'is outside of these jurisdictions, even though they might only be a short drive away. While these small jurisdictions existed before 2005, they were ignored in some aspects, and it was common for Baha'is to hold Sunday gatherings whose attendees were not restricted to the boundaries of the jurisdiction, so you got to meet with more Baha'is on a regular basis. But today the Baha'i administration antagonizes any kind of regularly occuring intercommunity activities, so you only get to meet with the Baha'is in your jurisdiction.

Personally I hardly know the names of any Baha'is outside my jurisdiction, because I never see them. But the few people I do know outside of my jurisdiction are the "appointees" such as Regional Council Members, Auxiliary Board Members, and the like. These people from the appointed arm have duties in all jurisdictions, so all Baha'is know them.

One time at a Unit Convention (I believe it was in 2018), I witnessed something very rare in the Baha'i Faith: There was a very intelligent man who understood all the problems of the Baha'i administration, and attacked several of the NSA members by name, and attacked the system itself. He was someone with a long history in the Baha'i Faith, who had even served as a delegate decades ago. I never heard a long-standing Baha'i attack the Bahai administration so bluntly and so intelligently. Hearing his attacks of the Baha'i administration was a major turning point for me because at that point I still had faith in the Baha'i administration, and hearing him was what made me start questioning it.

Years later, I wanted to vote for him to be the delegate, but there was a problem: I did not know his name. The only people outside of my community whose names I knew were appointees of the Baha'i administration, and lo and behold they were the ones who were elected to be the delegates.

So if the system is one where electors of the NSA (i.e. the delegates) are very heavily likely to be people the NSA appointed, the electors are likely to be content with the NSA, and not vote to unseat any of its members.

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