Baha'is are idol worshipers

Baha'is do not resist the idolatry of the Baha'i administration because they are weak. They are afraid they would be declared "Covenant Breakers" if they were to practice their religion as Baha'u'llah instructed them to. So they play along with the idolatry, speak of the UHJ and its plans with a god-like reverence, and speak of the Institute Process like it some kind of a divine gift (e.g. "the Institute Process that the House of Justice has given us"). There might be some Baha'is that understand that this idol has been the source of so many delusions (e.g. "Entry by Troops", "community-building", which despite being purported to be outcomes of the Institute Process, are nowhere to be found in the Baha'i community in real life), but they do nothing to resist it because they are weak. The time has come for a strong one to appear and shatter this idol.

طوبی لقويّ کسّر اصنام الاوهام باسم ربّه مالک الانام

Blessed is the strong one who shatters the idols of delusions in the name of his Lord, the owner of the worlds


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