True Story of an Iranian-Australian Baha'i real estate developer

During the 1990s a young Iranian Baha'i gentleman who had only recently come to Australia fell in love with a young Iranian Baha'i lady who had come to Australia only some time before him. He was actively courting her for the purpose of marriage. A prominent Iranian Baha'i developer in Queensland, Australia and who had come to Australia during the 1980s from Europe had his own eye on this woman -- even though this developer was only recently separated from his Iranian Baha'i wife of 30 years, was then dating an Australian woman (who he was also simultaneously living with out of wedlock) during his so-called year of patience, not to mention he was twice this woman's age.

To cut to the chase, because this Iranian Baha'i developer had the hots for the above mentioned Iranian woman who was being courted by the recent arrival, one evening in the dead of night this Iranian Baha'i developer hired goons to break into the home of this recently arrived Iranian Baha'i gentleman and had him beaten to a bloody pulp within an inch of his life in front of his two terrified parents. During the beating, he was explicitly warned by the goons to cut off all ties with this Iranian Baha'i woman he was courting (and wished to marry), or the next time he would be killed (yes, killed!) by these goons hired by the Iranian-Australian Baha'i developer -- while also warned, as he was being beaten, that they would publicly humiliate him and have him sanctioned by the Australian Baha'i institutions if he went to them.

All complaints to the Australian National Spiritual Assembly fell on deaf ears with the NSA of Australia warning this gentleman and his family that if he publicized his case, his voting rights would be removed and "he would be thrown out of the Faith." Two members of the Australian NSA (one of whom is now a member of the UHJ), a Counsellor and one member of the UHJ at the time (who has subsequently gone to hell) were shareholders and had business interests in the development company of this mafioso Iranian Baha'i developer, the full extent of whose story would make Mario Puzzo and his Godfather trilogy look positively amateurish. This is here one of only several dozen stories about this Iranian Australian Baha'i developer in question. This developer also at one point was a shareholder in a series of local brothels; has been rumored to have been a profiteer at one stage in illegal methamphetamine drug distribution in local night clubs; and all of his resort hotels sold alcohol in whose various bars this developer himself was usually seen hanging around drinking himself into a stupor night after night. No Baha'i institution has ever sanctioned this individual. Instead they have always turned around and blamed and sanctioned the victims of this individual.

This is a True story, any Persian Baha'i from Australia can reveal their names.

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