Baha'i Faith is an "information control" cult, says a former Baha'i from christian background

Baha'i Faith is definitely an "information control" cult because they are paranoid about attacks and think they need an organized class of people assigned to protect the religion as if God couldn't do it Himself if it was His religion. They are paranoid about reputation and what gets published... they don't even list most of their books on Amazon - possibly they're afraid of the public review system there.

Baha'is are controlled and have their lives hyper-regimented and micromanaged with laws and rules and procedures that are very strict. Easily seen - with their books, Kitab-i-Aqdas and Lights of Guidance.

Anyone who doesn't go along with the pack is in danger of being humiliated before the Local Spiritual Assembly watchdogs, and they risk being discarded or even entirely shunned by the "friends" and even family members.

Baha'i has a lot of guilt trips for people who don't perfectly obey the institutions and laws. These guilt trips are written into the books.

They also bend the realities of other religions to try to fit them into the Baha'i paradigm. Anything that doesn't fit the mold is discarded or bent to fit the Baha'i point of view. Members have to endure an unconscious or subconscious sort of denial of the truth in order to make everything fit their idea of what Baha'i is. This is cognitive dissonance. Baha'is do this all the time and seem completely unaware of it. (Example: equality of men and women vs. the reality of UHJ men-only policy and unequal inheritance laws.) The Baha'is must use many justifications to try to make everything fit together in their minds.

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