Baha'i 'community' of St Petersburg (FL) exposed.

This 'vibrant' community also had a website that was shut down because of lack of volunteers.

They also have a facebook page that has 3 public ratings (3.7★)

There is one interesting comment on their facebook page:
Unfriendly nasty neighbors! My husband and I were just finishing unloading a truck when an angry older woman pulled up and told me that we needed to move our vehicle immediately from her spot (mind you the parking spot is not assigned it was actually in the alley way and we were just finished). There were plenty of parking spots available. I told her that we were moving the vehicle as soon as my husband returned from our place (he was walking up as I spoke). She started yelling at me and threatening to call the cops if I didn’t move the truck now. I told her that there was no need to call cops on me as I had already told her we were leaving. She yelled that she had a meeting at the Baha’i center and we had no right to park there. I have always thought that the Baha’i faith was about peacefulness and patience, I told her that too. She continued to yell and parked her car behind ours so that we couldn’t leave. We were finally able to maneuver the truck out of her way and leave as soon as she realized that she was keeping us from leaving. I believe she works at the center as I’ve seen her car many times. I can’t believe that this is how they treat people. I do not recommend keeping company with people like that.

There are functioning 'communities' such as this one in every city throughout the world! Baha'is have shamelessly claimed this on their wikipedia page:

The Bahá'í Faith is recognized as the second-most geographically widespread religion after Christianity, and the only religion to have grown faster than the population of the world in all major areas over the last century.

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