The Bahá’í Mona : This time she is from Mumbai and a teacher of Baha'i Moral Classes for children.

Tahirih Gaur - Jiwnani - Makhija in Malaysia with her "New Husband".

Tahirih Gaur - Jiwnani - Makhija with her "New Husband"
Tahirih Mona Gaur a Bahá’í from Mumbai, India was married to another Bahá’í Siddharth Jiwnani settled in UK. After just four months of marriage Mona left suddenly one day whilst Siddharth was at work and under very suspicious circumstances and with no apparent reason. Subsequently, and reliably informed that Tahirih had walked out of the marriage as she was engaged in plans to marry another person (a supposed close friend). Siddharth then found secret phone calls being made between her and this same person from the time she arrived up to the moment she left marital home in London and even calls made up to the moment of her departure from London airport. Mona and her family then admitted that this same male had already proposed her during the year of patience and that she had shown her true motivations by taking the proposal to her parents.

This short marriage was never given a chance of success due to Mona’s conscious decision to enter into an extra marital relationship with a known 3rd party male in Mumbai whilst being married to Siddharth. Mona has been made to understand that any such relationship (whether it be physical or emotional) is in complete breach of her marital vows and in complete contrast to what she had undertaken, namely to remain faithful to her husband to the exclusion of all others pursuant to the law.

The ABM and the counselor were all aware of the circumstances of Mona's departure after only two months of marriage, the secret phone calls and of course the proposal and parental consideration as she was present in the room when these were discussed. She pronounced it herself during the meeting that a 'third voice has ruined the marriage'.

The Bahá’í officials, held a meeting on April 4 2010 and it was established that Mona did had extra marital relationship was obviously the critical factor in the breakdown of the marriage and the sole reason why Mona did not respond to reconciliatory gestures. The Chairman of the Assembly of Mumbai wrote to couple granting the year of patience in December 2009, and the 3rd party had already proposed to her within 3 months of this? The Assembly called it as a ‘temperamental difference’. The Assembly failed to record the crucial deceit element. It seems that all the evidence in the world and all the Bahá’í guidance may not be sufficient to extract some honesty from Mona, her Bahá’í ABMs and Counselor.

However, in light of the open proposal of marriage and public continuation of their relationship including circulating pictures of themselves together, their future actions may well speak louder than their denying words.

Mona after her condemnation of Bahá’í laws openly and ruining the life of another Bahá’í was made a member of Regional Bahá’í council of Maharashtra where she is holding children Moral classes for Bahá’í and non-Bahá’í children.

Only God knows what morals she must be inculcating in them. Indeed Hypocrisy and Bahá’í organization are twin sisters.

"The question you raise as to the place in one's life that a deep bond of love with someone we meet other than our husband or wife can have is easily defined in view of the teachings... after marriage absolutely faithful to one's chosen companion. Faithful in all sexual acts, faithful in word and in deed. "

(From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi, September 28, 1941: Messages from the Universal House of Justice, 1968-1973, pp. 108-109)

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