Wahid Azal's response to an Iranian Baha'i who left Iran fearing persecution.

Baha'i Tears
While referring to :


https://moj-tribunals-documents-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/decision/pdf_file/3798/00041_ukait_2006_sh_iran_cg.pdf (Pdf)

Wahid Azal (A Prominent Bayani (Azali)) responds thus :

A judge of an imperial country that has consistently supported Bahaism since its inception found evidence that the human rights narratives being peddled by Bahais were exaggerated. This is pretty significant because it comes from a British court and not a court anywhere else.

Now, in 1976 when you left Iran bahai Habib Sabet was one of the richest men in Iran who owned Iranian Radio-Television, the Iranian Pepsi Cola franchise, held shares and interests in numerous local development companies, etc, and more significantly had direct regular access to the royal court and the Shah. There were also names like Hozhabr Yazdani and Karim Ayadi, who was the Shah's personal physician and a royal court insider since the time of Reza khan. Then there was Parviz Sabeti who was deputy head of SAVAK (and he was indeed a bahai despite all attempts by bahais currently to disingenuously dissociate themselves from this monster). Also, the father of Freemason Amir Abbas Hoveyda -- PM for over a decade and a half -- was not only a bahai but he had been Abbas Effendi's personal secretary in Palestine for some time. These are just a few well known prominent names of bahais during the Pahlavi regime who were outright beneficiaries of it. There were many, many, many more besides them.

Iran and Iranians are a generally tolerant society compared to either Arab, Turk or Indo-Pakistani Muslim societies. However, the level at which bahaism was systematically undermining Iran and Iranians on behalf of Tsarist and Anglo-American imperial interests since the 1870s in Iran was enough to raise the ire of even the most tolerant of tolerant Iranians. Add to that the fact that bahais outright claim to shun nationalism and claim themselves as globalists, and one can appreciate further why Iranians of all shades would have problems with bahais. Then in 1948 comes the establishment of the illegal Zionist settler colonialist state in Palestine, which benefits bahais immediately and directly, later turning that the bahais had been supporting the establishment of Zionism in Palestine since 1897, and one can appreciate even further why Iranians would be weary.

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 bahais in the West have gone out of their way on multiple occasions to undermine Iran and its government at every given opportunity via assorted NGOs lobbying Western governments. The present international sanctions on Iran imposed on it (based on fabricated allegations of a fictitious nuclear weapons program that Iran actually does not possess) also bears the imprint of the Haifan bahai cult.

Finally, bahais cry and moan about being persecuted in Iran while they thrive under a brutal, apartheid, militarist, fascist, European occupier settler colony in Palestine. Whatever discrimination they may have faced, or continue to face, in Iran (which in my personal opinion is well deserved) evaporates into total insignificance given what Palestinians face on a daily basis from the hands of the demonic Slavo-Turk Khazarian, Frankist-Sabbatian, AshkeNazi, Rothschild bankster regime calling itself "Israel." Not once have bahais collectively or officially raised their voices during these past 67+ years on behalf of Palestinians in this Zionist Holocaust of Palestine and Palestinians. Like the Zionist monsters bahais regularly parrot the Zionist occupiers shameless Palestine-Denial and in this continue to contribute to the Palestinian Holocaust. Given this, Haifan bahais are no better than the assorted Nazi collaborators in Europe during WWII.

Source : TRB


  1. A Twelver Shi'i Sufi Muslim with Bayani/Azali sympathies, fyi. Thanks.

    1. A Post Mahdi Shiite - I believe !?


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