Ian Semple - the confused member of the Infallible Supreme Baha'i body.

Mr. Ian Semple is not sure which Baha'i year it is. This is the member of Infallible Body. For Haifan Baha'is UHJ is the seat of God on this earth and its decisions are termed as the 'Will of God'. Can you believe this !


  1. You Breaker, fool and fanatic, you always doing your best to distort the beauty of the people of Baha, show the whole interview and and let the people of the world see how humble was mr. semple. fanatic fool

  2. You can see the 'HOLE INTERVIEW' on youtube. But this is really true, the UHJ member is not confirmed of the Baha'i year! If it is 162 or something else! And this guy is democratically elected continuously for 42 years, like Gaddafi! This shows how democratic your cult is!!


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