Bayanis (Azalis) throught the world celebrate New Year 165

Siyyid `Alí Muḥammad Shírází (Báb)
Today (23 April 2012) is the 1st of the month of Baha' (splendor) and so the beginning of the Year 165 of the Bayani calendar. Unlike the Baha'is who illogically calculate this calendar from the Naw-Ruz of 1844, according to the diary of the Bab Himself reproduced in the Book of the Five Grades (kitab panj sha'n), the Bayani calendar began as of March 20th 1850. Also unlike the Baha'is the Bayani calendar possesses no intercalary days to make up for the 365/366 solar year cycle deficiency. The calendar of the Bab follows a strict scheme of 361 days (19 x 19) so that the beginning of every new year falls on a different day than the one previous. This is because the Bayani calendar is supposed to reflect and symbolize the all-things/kullu-shay' (19 x 19 = 361).

Given the occasion, I would like to here extend a heartfelt happy new Bayani Year to the Bayani community of Iran and abroad, and hope that our collective efforts to set the historical record straight against 146 years of orchestrated persecution by the Baha'i establishment with their anti-Bayani Baha'i propaganda and historical whitewashes - which the Western establishment has helped them diffuse - will finally begin to pay off.
This Year of 165 should be a significant year since 165 is the abjad numerical value of there is no god but God لا اله الا الله

Nima Wahid Azal
Official website of the Bayani Community

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