Haifan Baha'ism is very much a political organization whose agenda and foreign alliances are explicitly a threat...

By Nima Wahid Azal

Group of BIHE tutors
The Bahai Institute for Higher Education modelled itself on a similar scheme by Bna'i Brith and there is no doubt in the minds of those in the know that this thing is not as innocent as Haifan Bahai propaganda makes it out to be and that, as with everything else associated with the Haifan Bahai organization, the Bahai Institute for Higher Learning has solid connections with pro-Zionist organizations in the West as well as the state of Israel itself, all of whom are currently beating beating the war drums and using the Baha'i issue as a cause celebre and excuse to justify their belligerent policies. Now given that millions of dollars pour out from Haifa to professional lobbyists and North American foundations such as the NED (National Endowment for Democracy) to promote an exaggerated HR violation narrative re: the Haifan Bahais in Iran, I want to ask the following question: In the West, especially in Anglo-American countries such as the US, Canada, the UK and Australia/New Zealand, the rights of Muslims are increasingly being violated on a daily basis and Muslims are being characterized and victimized more and more in such countries in the same manner that Jews were once discriminated in Europe during the 1930s. Be fair, if a Salafist organization committed to the creation of an Islamist state in, say, Canada were to setup an Institute for Higher Education, how do you think the authorities in Canada would react? I remind you, Baquia, of the following public message to you by Ian Kluge on talisman9 in 2006

Conferences being arranged to pressurize Iran

The Haifan Baha'i apparatus in Iran and its activites are as much a national security threat to Iran as a Salafist organization committed to jihad and an Islamist state would be in any Western society. They are absolutely analogous relationships. Baha'ism's internationalism and globalist commitments are one; Baha'ism's own theocratic commitments are another as is the closest political proximity of the Haifan Baha'i establishment to the Anglo-American and Israeli estabishments, Washington/London lobbies, and specifically the North American foundation regimes such as the NED, AIPAC and the Project for a New American Century. Individual Baha'is by and large were left alone in Iran for a while, and the Baha'i community somewhat thrived during the Rafsanjani and Khatami years (1989-2005). The fact that an ad hoc NSA existed in the form of the Ma'arif-cum-Yaran in Iran until recently for all these years is proof. The fact that there was serious Baha'i investment pouring into provinces like Mazandaran (around Nur and Takur) is another. Now the fact is the Haifan Baha'i apparatus took serious liberties and reneged on promises and undertakings it had made to the state earlier, which is why once the hardliners took the presidency under Ahmadinejad the state clamped down again. But the fact remains that Haifan Baha'i ideology wishes 1) to convert Muslims to Baha'ism and 2) wishes to turn Iran into a Baha'i state.

Deceptively Converting Hindus in India, Just outside the Hindu Temples

Given this, Haifan Baha'ism, at least, is very much a political organization whose agenda and foreign alliances are explicitly a threat against the IR state and its national security (and, I would argue, any future post-IR state in Iran as well). Currently you people are expending millions of dollars in paying professional lobbyists to promote your human rights issues, and generally to promote your creed/cult in the corporate Western media. This promotion is done exclusively  because your organization and the propaganda it diffuses plays right into the hands of both Israel as well as those forces in Britain and the USA who wish to start a war against Iran. Your issues are not as innocent as you portray them. You are pawns in the 21st Century Great Game.

Source : http://bahairants.com/un-special-rapporteur-report-on-irans-human-rights-abuses-2146.html

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