Baha'i Rants is a bogus BIA surveillance site - By Wahid Azal

The site Bahai Rants, managed by multiple people going under the single handle Bacquia, is one of several scarecrow sites run by the Haifan Bahai authorities setup to mislead. Although its discourse pretends to belong the so-called liberal Haifan Baha'i faction, nevertheless - as repeatedly proven many times - the liberal Haifan Bahai faction is completely beholden to the agendas of the Haifan Bahai powers that be imposing the same ideological narratives and perpetrating the same forms of censorship and abuse under the transparent cover of dissent.

Recently, as I disputed the factual and political veracity of a UN report on the Baha'i human rights situation in Iran, my final message was tampered with, interpolated, whitewashed and edited by the editors of the site (going under the single name Bacquia) offering a message as mine which I did not actually author. After the editors did this, I was banned from the site.

This sort of criminal dishonesty, thuggery and bullying is a long established pattern of Baha'i behavior throughout its entire history and also proves the longstanding allegations made of truth-twisting, dishonesty, lying and psychological reversal tactics against the Haifan Baha'is leveled by the IRI or other nations or groups in the Global South as being fundamentally true.

Note especially that Haifan Baha'is are presently attempting systematically to turn any questioning of their exaggerated human rights violation narratives vis-a-vis Iran - narratives incessantly propagandized and repeated by the Western corporate media as a propaganda tactic to justify and rally for war with Iran (much like similar narratives rammed by the Western corporate media before the invasion of Iraq in 2002/2003) - as a thought-crime on the level which 'holocaust denial' is treated in some European countries.

The following below is my direct response to Bacquia and the whitewashed, interpolated and censored message posted by them in my name on Bahai Rants (also posted on TRB) which the site's editors will not post:

Response of Wahid Azal that was deleted / edited by editor/s 'Baquia'

If you had a problem with the proof and evidence I submitted, pray tell, why did you edit out my quote from Sourcewatch (instead of completely erasing my response) and added a completely bogus quote from Susan Maneck to replace it with instead? That wasn't my message. This is Bahai Censorship at its finest and such is the height of sleaze and intellectual dishonesty, but all too typical of Baha'i unscruplousness across the board. It is also a statement of what the reality of Bahai "human rights" claims vis-a-vis Iran are really all about: a transparent political facade to mask the more sinister war-mongering motives of the racist Anglo-American/Zionist powers bent on military, economic, cultural and political genocide of 3rd world nations such as Iran.

Let me state for the record again, as much as I detest the present regime in Iran and believe the Revolution of '79 was a historic mistake, I actually believe their policy of containing your cult is quite reasonable. In fact, all things considered, the IRI has behaved quite humanely towards your organization as compared to other groups. But you cultists fly off the handle into your blood curdling groupthink whenever someone points this out and unashamedly asserts that your HR claims are bogus, largely politically motivated and for the agendas of others, and that you people actually deserve what that regime has meted out to your cult because you are dangerous and opportunistic 5th columnists to the longterm peace and stability of that nation - whatever regime or form of government happens to be in power. If these be words of hate and vitriol, so be it: I stand by every last word of it! Someone should've spoken this way about the Nazis in the early 1930s as well!

You then assert, "It is entirely possible that you or someone you know wrote that as a hatchet job to make the BIA look bad." The very existence of the BIA makes the BIA look bad and reveals the HBF as the paranoid, fascist organization and cult that it is. But if you have any concrete evidence to that effect that I did this, as you claim, rather than your own sour pussery, please go right ahead and post this evidence. I asked for this evidence from the moderators of the Bahai Forums myself and am still waiting on them to cough it up. The fact is, however, that you Haifan Baha'is perpetrate these things quite regularly against your ideological enemies but then hide behind psychological reversal games and victim role-playing as a dirty tactic of plausible deniability. Your editing out my quote with something else and whitewashing it with Susan Maneck basically demonstrated this. This, I submit, is also what the real story behind the Baha'i HR issue in Iran is all about. BTW how you also derived Subh-i-Azal from MrBlackSunshine is something I would like to know as well! Please enlighten...

You also say, "And then you write some more unsubstantiated smears and innuendo about someone who works at GS in London." There is not one iota of smear or innuendo in the SourceWatch article on Zain Latif. All of the info on him was compiled from the public domain and from his linkedin account. You may also wish to Google *City of London* and educate yourself a little (*hint* the City of London does not refer to metropolitan London. It refers specifically to its financial district, the Square Mile, which functions as a state within a state, with its weird medieval rules and pageantry, and its complete unaccountability to Westminister. Let me suggest you read this article: . Note as well that the Baha'is have had a long and intimate relationship with the power brokers of the City of London since the early 20th century. Shoghi Effendi even boasts about it in God Passes By regarding Abbas Effendi's visit with the Lord Mayor of London, who is the political chief of the City of London and not metropolitan London). But your visceral reaction to my pointing out Mr Zain Latif's career, whose story has been posted by Steve Marshall on Baha'is Online some time ago as well as other official Baha'i sites, says volumes. It says you Baha'is are mighty sensitive about the fact being pointed out publicly that you cultists are quite cozy and initimate with the worst financial criminal institutions on the planet such as Goldman Sachs because such things detract from your propaganda narratives and smokscreens regarding HR in Iran.

That said, since 2008 we have meticulously documented the connections and linkages of the Haifan Baha'i organization with the globalist elite and Anglo-American establishment, from the Tayebi's in the security industry to Zain Latif in finance and more. Hundreds of entries now appear on SourceWatch documenting this. People like you can scream your plausible denials and play your censorship games until you are blue in the face, but the facts remain that your organization is precisely what it has been characterized as in the non-Western world: lackies of Western neo-colonial policies in the Global South. The evidence irrefutably demonstrates it.

Please also note that we have also submitted links to the Baha'i related SourceWatch articles on TRB since 2008. Intellectual laziness by those who cannot be bothered to look up this fool-proof evidence, when it has been submitted over and over again publicly, is not evidence of the absence of this well documented evidence. It is just evidence of the intellectual dishonesty of Haifan Baha'is who, despite all their platitudes regarding tolerance and human rights (which is just hot air), get their knickers in giant multiple knots and drop all pretenses of being anything but the fascists that they are whenever such evidence is publicly submitted.

That said, since you have seen fit to censor me from your site like the good Baha'i apparatchick that you are, I am posting a copy of this response message on TRB. You fascists will not have the last word about anything as long as people like me walk and breathe on this planet, so kindly take your final platitudes directed at me in your last message and....

With warmest non-Baha'i vitriol

Nima Wahid Azal
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