World Baha'i Statistics

by Ravian Bilani

Recently two articles posted on net effectively analyzed exaggerated Baha’i census. One “Exit by troops”
( and the other “Three types of Baha’i census of India”. (

The first article is a very moderate view of the author, whereas the second article “The Three Type of Baha’i census of India” is much deeper analysis supported by documents authenticated by figures.

The common point in the two analyzations is the fact that one reason for this huge discrepancy in Baha’i census is that, no one is ever removed from the membership rolls unless they write a letter to the National Center renouncing their belief. So a person who becomes disillusioned and simply drifts away can remain on the rolls indefinitely. Once a Baha’i then always a Baha’i even after his death.

There is another opinion by Mr. Larry Rowe who believes that “The gross exaggeration of world Baha'i membership numbers is meant to placate all those who have been promised entry by troops for the past 80 years. The gross exaggeration of the number of actual Baha'is in India goes hand in hand with the inclusion of tens of thousands of people who signed declaration cards in North America in the past 20 to 40 years and that was it; they never truly became Baha'is they simply put their name on a card like you would on a Zellers card and never followed it up. Also the many others who signed declaration cards but who have become inactive and no long believe in the Baha'i faith or have actually joined other religious communities but have never taken the time to resign and have been addressing unknown for many years.”

Well I feel that the real cause for such a huge exaggeration in Baha’i census is much deeper and that is ‘well planned strategy of Baha’i administration centered at Haifa to show to the world high acceptability and success so as to claim that Baha’i Faith is one of the major religions of the world. It can be considered as the thirteen unwritten principle of Haifa based organization. All the counselors, ABMs assistant and members of LSAs are trained to work towards achieving this goal. The one who is more expert in this exaggeration is promoted much higher in the Baha’i Organization.

The Ruhi book courses are just to collect the addresses and to claim these are Baha’is. False stories are fabricated that the whole world is just dying for doing Ruhi books and to be converted. Whereas the fact is that many countries have deported Baha’is for proselytizing children and Junior youths as young as fifteen years and in many countries the Priests have warned the baha’is not to do any moral classes with Christian children, they may do it only for Baha’i children.

There is virtually no Baha'is in continental Europe. Very few in Holland, similar in Spain, Germany and France, fewer in Italy. From a demographic point of view this may as well be "zero."

The Baha’is claim to be about 5,000 in the UK but who knows what that means, and it is not a lot anyway. Likewise the CIS countries have very few Baha'is. Almost none in China. So, with Europe, Eurasia and China out of the way, where are they?

There are 60,000 adult Baha'is with good addresses in the US, 12,500 in Canada. These are addresses only! It means the aim of Ruhi Books courses are implemented very successfully. Actually they are not more than 500 in US and same number in Canada

The Middle East is likewise very small. Mostly Persians who married deceitfully Arab women’s without giving their Baha’i identity and then claiming their Baha’i children as citizen of that country.

There are 2,000 at most in the Arab world mostly Iranian pioneers. There are less than 30,000 registered Baha’is in Iran. Maybe 200, mostly Iranian refugees, in Turkey.

Not more than 1500 in Pakistan (mainly former Hindus, mainly rural peasants). About 500 in Bangladesh.

There are 300 in Thailand. There were 400 in Vietnam before the revolution, but few are likely to remain. There are very few, then, in all of Southeast Asia. There are only a few hundred in Japan, and a similar number in Korea. East Asia is a wash.

All that is really left is Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and India. 2.2 millions are claimed in India but the official census of Government of India say the exact number of Baha'is are only 11,324. Indians like to 'join' things, but go on being Hindus.

The claim of millions of Baha'is in Latin America is also fake. Mexico appears to have almost none. Columbia and Bolivia may have few hundreds each, to my recollection, but that is not the same as millions.

The biggest community was Uganda. But it has been greatly disrupted in the last 2 decades by war and dictatorship, and one doesn't know how many are left.

The Baha’i movement contains no potential for growth. It has only vertical potential of growth in terms of different sects originating in small time of 160 years. ( The 7 million reported to Encyclopedia Britannica by someone in Wilmette or Haifa is.... wish-fulfillment rather than a solid social science statistic. This high exaggeration also points towards a high level of frustration which is developing amongst members of Haifa based organization. At any point of time the Baha’i population in the World is not more than hundred thousand (0.1 million).

Baha’i Faith is essentially Persian dominated organization. It is no where near Christianity. It is not the fastest growing religion, it is not the most widespread religion after Christianity. Yes it may be the most comfortable religion, well then that is not a religion.


  1. I have heard ("Kitab-i-Hearsay") that some 1/4 of the US Bahai population enrolled through Seals and Crofts' concerts. (And 83.6% of all statistics are made up by someone with a great imagination!...)

    As the "entry by troops" barely holds its own against the "exit" by troops, what can we do? I think an Irish bar with an open mike sounds pretty much like the scale of a fireside, which I have always felt is the most effective overall way to find, teach and deepen seekers.

  2. lol this article is the best joke I ever came across.

    I am a Bahaí and wanted to learn more about the controversial Bahai things and if there is anything that is wrong with my religion, but this article (like all the others) proved to me that anything "negative" said about the Bahaí Faith or UHJ is just made up nonsense.

    Dear Ravian Bilani
    Almost no Bahaí in Europe? After I lived in Germany for many years as a student and also made many trips to Italy, I have met thausends of Bahaí, same when I traveled to Africa and Canada for study abroad programmes of my univeristy... I always meet Bahaí.

    What are you trying to prove? If you don't want people to believe in the Bahaí Faith then you should convince them by solid truth rather than your imagination.

    Thank you very much for helping me strengthen my faith.

  3. My Dear David,

    I have visited the Frankfurt temple and seen the reality myself. I was there during the Prayer Service and noticed the attendance. What are you telling is totally false. I asked one of those very few present there about the less attendance, he said these are many. Sometimes there is only the caretaker and some staff no visitors.

    Why you want to tell lie? The cult of Baha'u'llah stands exposed everywhere. All the Scandals of those '9 Men of GOD' whom you people follow unquestioningly and blindly remains exposed.

    If still your faith strengthens then this is the sign of your brainwashed mind that has completed Ruhi Books 4 times!!!

  4. Dear Moses

    I haven't completed any Ruhi-Book. Doing Ruhi-Courses is not by force (nothing is) so please don't blame things just randomly.

    Secondly, yes it is true that the temple in Langenhein (Frankfurt) is quite empty a lot of times... but that has to do witht the fact that it's position in the outskirts of Frankfurt (Langenhein) is not easy to be reached and quite a journey. Bahai livinf in Marburg, Gießen, Offenbach, Heidelberg, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt would have to make 4 hour (in and out) journey just to visit the temple.

    The rest of Germany will find it even more difficult to go there. That's why we have Bahai Centers or devotional meetings or 19day fest in other locations. The temple filling doesn't represent the number Bahai's living all over Germany, you have to admit that.

    Once again, please don't be prejudice without solid foundations.

    thx for your reply

  5. My Dear David,

    I did not blamed anything. Where did I said it is compulsory?

    Somethings are compulsory :
    1) Keeping away from Covenant Breakers (Hosein Ali says that their Breath is very poisonous)
    2) Keeping away Women from the Membership of House of Justice.
    3) Baha'i Marriage is compulsory. Although this cult believes all the religions are true and from the same God. Otherwise be prepared for Sanctions.
    4) Keeping away from talks related to Oxthodox Baha'i cult.
    5) Keeping good relations PR with corrupt politicians.
    6) Deception while teaching your faith.

    There are many things. Please read this blog carefully.

    For a Baha'i community to be a community what is needed is '9 innocent souls'. There may be many such communities of 9 souls, may be in 1000s. I Agree. but 1000s of Baha'i at any given place in Fake and false. In the whole UK there are 5000 Baha'is. This is the same UK where A. Baha came to convert the Christians deceptively. Many poor Christians believed in him, they considered him to be the return of Christ. Although he is not. Anyway... that is a different discussion.

    The fact stands established with proofs, that there are no "Thousand of Baha'is" in any city / state. If there are show me the proof from non-baha'i source. Preferably Government Census. Let's check the actual figures from there. I will believe that for sure. Show me how many are in US, India, Romania, Uganda, Panama or Germany.

    See this :

    What is the use of a temple that is inaccessible to most of the people? All your temples are blunders and does not reflect any uniqueness and creativity. The architecture / designs are copied, please search "Baha'i Architecture" on this blog.

    I have attended and still attend the NDFs. There is no spirituality. No Religion. It is just like a clubhouse where some people meet and socialize. Sing and Dance. There are many cases of love affair and elopement also.

    Baha'i religion has failed completely as a religion. It is good as an organization. An NGO. Also it is also good for Friend Making, Marry Making, Love, Dance, Fun and Food.

    I am not at all prejudiced. I am trying to put facts which I am sure many Baha'is will also agree.

    Many many thanks to you for visiting this blog.

  6. Dear David,

    In my previous comment I wrote "A. Baha" please read it as ABDUL BAHA.

    Thank you.

  7. Anad what interest do you have here by promoting this site- are you payed by someone? It is full of nonsence- it will not dicourage anybody.

  8. Ravian Bilani and Moses.. Unfortunately for you, your facts are pretty much false.. If you wish to try and put down another religion to make yourself feel better than I'm sorry that you feel the need to do that..

    The Baha'i Faith is truly a beautiful religion..

  9. What a beautiful Religion ?

    Imagine this: One "declares" himself a Baha'i while in high school. He is active in the local community, then goes away to university where he redoubles his efforts to teach "the faith" by hosting firesides, and manning an information table at the university...for 7 years.

    After graduation, said individual "pioneers" to Mexico...where he teaches hundreds of seekers, and helps to establish new assemblies.

    In the course of the next 15 years, this believer sacrifices all he owns and cherishes to "raise the standard". He is renowned as a teacher...and travels to more than 50 countries as "travel Teacher" and pioneer. He "opens" an area of Northwestern Russia, the size of Germany and France put together, to the faith.

    He pays his "huququllah".

    He sings in the choir at the "world congress", in 1992. Only then, does he begin to wonder at certain improprieties and secretive decisions which are made in committee and have affected his life for years.

    He is admonished to "desist" from making further inquiry into allegations.

    He is barred from attending community events.

    He is stripped of "voting rights", because he dares question authority.

    He resigns from "the faith", to pursue, "independent investigation of Truth", as was taught by the faith's founder.

    He embraces what he considers to be the TRUEST form of his faith...only to be informed that the "NSA", and "House of Just Us" has declared him a covenant breaker.

    As a result, the hundreds of people he taught and brought into this faith are ordered to shun him.

    He is now, persona-non-grata around the world. His years of sacrifice and painstaking travel teaching are erased. ("Let the name Moses be erased from all public buildings." Pharoh Ramses in The Ten Commandments)

    Is this not, then, a Cult?

  10. Hello everyone: My name is Tony Hipszer. I represent a small team of graduate students that desires to study the worldview perspectives of people who are Baha'i friendly (current members, former members, or seekers). The technical term for the study is "Ethnography," but you might think of it as cultural anthropology research.

    We invite you to participate in our study by agreeing to an interview where we will ask you questions about your understandings of origins, power, destiny, truth and good vs evil. The interviews generally take 60-90 minutes. If you live within driving distance of Columbia, SC we would prefer to meet in person - and we can treat you to lunch or dinner in appreciation for your efforts. If the distance is too great, we are able to chat via phone, Skype or some other electronic means.

    To learn more on how you can help us, email or call 856-889-0265. Please leave a message if I do not answer.

    In the interest of transparency, my teammates and I are Christian theology majors (M.Div. and MA) however this is research only and not an attempt to evangelize. I personally am a M.Div. Chaplaincy student who graduates next year. I intend to apply the results of my learning in this project practically – as a chaplain, I will encounter people of many faiths. This study will enable me to represent the presence of God and care for people in a way that does not violate their heartfelt beliefs, or mine.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    God bless!

    Thanks – T


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