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This dream was posted by Larry Rowe on TRB, Click for the original article - here


Peter Khan is greeted at the pearly gates by St. Peter. Mr. Khan says:

"There must be some sort of mistake, I was expecting to be greeted in the Abha Kingdom by Baha'u'llah, Abdul'-Baha at least. St. Peter looks down at his list and says: " Mmmmm, it appears that there has been no mistake, your name appears right here on the list." He shows Mr.Khan the list and sure enough there's his name."

Saint Peter goes on to say: "It appears that you're fairly well balanced on the holy scales but there is just one thing we want to check with you.". Mr.Khan thinks: "And what could that possibly be?"

Saint Peter says: "There is some mention of a calamity in New Zealand that you spoke of at a talk you gave there yet there is nothing in our records that show any such spiritual calamity occurring. Let me remind you Mr.Khan that your response could weight in your favour, or not."

This has Peter Khan somewhat stumped, he's not quite sure how to respond. He thinks it over for a few moments and then says: " Well, in my position as a member of the infallible Universal House of Justice I felt myself qualified to be the arbiter of the spirituality of the community there." Saint Peter has a perplexed look on his face and says: " I've never quite encountered a situation quite like this before so I will have to take it up with the boss, I will be back shortly." He vanishes leaving behind a rose of attar smell in the air.

By now Mr. Khan is getting very worried, he's thinking: " This is all a big mistake!!! I was in my right to pass judgment on the New Zealand Baha'i communities spiritual state, what am I doing here anyway? These Pearly gates are a Christian myth!" As suddenly as he disappeared Saint Peter reappears. He looks at Peter Khan and states: "Well I took it up with the boss and he says that since He's the only one that's infallible he's given you a choice: hell, or purgatory.". Now Mr.Khan is getting really worried and starts to lose his composure a bit, he excitedly says: " Send me to the Abha kingdom this moment! I deserve it!!!" He begins to tremble a bit while thinking: "Those nasty New Zealanders deserved everything I said about them."

Just then he awakens with Shoghi Effendi shaking him by the shoulder. With great relief he thinks: " Finally, this must be the Abha Kingdom. He asks Shoghi: " This must be the Abha Kingdom, isn't it?" Shoghi answers: "Sadly not, this is a special place for all those who during their life times suffered the delusion of divine infallibility. Don't worry though, we have lots of company." ;^)


  1. In a way you have to feel a bit sorry for Peter Kahn. He was a man who had no self awareness whatsoever in the Great Hall of Mirrors of the dysfunctional Cult Bubble where he lived out his entire adult life. He put his head on a pole for all of human history as a marker on the trail as a warning. Joseph Conrad on LSD could not have dreamed up a more profound fate in his prose in Heart of Darkness.But it is, once again, the Same Old, Same Old of the top down Abrahamic Organized Religions. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

    I wish progress to all souls. So I will say a prayer for him. It is all very sad that a single man could do so much damage with his life. He will now have to confront it himself. Maybe his soul will learn something from his journey. I certainly hope so.

    Best regards to everyone.


  2. مرگِ بَد، با صد فضیحت، ای پدر
    تو شهیدی دیده ای از كیر خر ؟

    A bad death with a hundred ignominies, O father
    Have you ever seen a martyr to a donkey’s penis?
    -- Rumi (my trans.)

  3. This man was a power hungry and corrupt functionary of a corrupt system who hurt an awful lot of innocent people over the years and has now been made to witness the consequences of his deeds. A great darkness finally left this world. May he burn in hell!


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