Baha'ism & Marxism by Julian Lee

Julian Lee
Maxism is a political ideology. It seeks destruction of nations, destruction of distinct peoples, destruction of the family and natural male-female relations via “feminism” (which is effectively anti-woman), and destruction of religion.

The Baha’i faith seeks all these same things, except they won’t say the last part because they think they are a religion. Indeed, what the Baha’i Faith really is is Marxism (a political ideology) posing as a religion. As to the aspect of religion, you can’t have a group of people completely focused on the world, racial mixing, bodies, and the external — and call it a respectable religion. The respectable religions negate the world. The Baha’i Faith is opposite to this; it is is completely world-focused. Thus it is, in reality, a negation of real religion or the best wisdom aspects of religions like Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Yoga. In that way, the Baha’i Faith also fulfills the Marxist goal of destruction-of-religion. Because once a people has let their religion be replaced by the Baha’i Faith, they really don’t have “religion” at all any more.

For this reason Baha’is don’t NEED to be involved in politics (and I think many of the connections you site are only happenstance, Baha’is trying to create photo ops for themselves). They don’t need to be “involved” in politics because the Baha’i Faith is 100 percent a political movement at this point. (What’s everybody pushing for on the political stage? Destruction of national sovereignty, affirmative action for minorities, etc.) They are politics itself.

At the same time they influence the minds of politicians and governors and convey to them Marxist ideals under the strange nimbus of religion that they float around those nation-destroying ideals. Lots of naive governors, lacking real religious understand it, start thinking that race and nation-destruction is virtuous.

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  1. What utter ignorance. Marxism is a materialistic philosophy. The Baha'i Faith includes spirituality, prayer, meditation, fasting, pilgrimage and all the other elements of a traditional religion. The Baha'i Faith embraces traditional morality, which would be regarded as very conservative by most people. It also condemns communism (along with Fascism) as a false god. It allows for capitalism. It allows for nation-states. The Baha'i Faith calls for world federalism, yes, but embraces the diversity of the human race and its linguistic and national identities. It opposes over-centralization and focuses, instead, on community-based decision-making. A top-down over-centralized world government would be the opposite of what the Baha'i Faith advocates. Feminists would be the first to attack the Baha'i Faith due to its exclusion of women from the Universal House of Justice, different inheritance laws, the embrace of the role of the woman as the mother and the husband as the default breadwinner, etc. Embracing equality of the sexes is not the same as embracing equality of outcomes. In short, both Marxism and feminism would have profound differences with the Baha'i Teachings. But, I suppose you think our emphasis on obligatory prayers, studying and chanting our texts and celebrating holy days makes us unreligious, right? Our pilgrimages, fasting, and other religious practices are all part of some political movement, right? Ridiculous.

  2. This sounds more like a joke by a self-centered and ignorant con artist rather than an article by a respectable seeker and does not even justify a response.

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  4. Who did the lighting for your photo Julian Lee? If it is the effects of the use of natural light, it has indeed captured the devilish innermost essence of you adorned with a bitter smirk of a mad philosopher. You must understand the importance of Personal Investigation of Truth through the study of the original Baha'i Holy Writings. Otherwise one may unknowingly succumb to the adverse effect of swallowing the regurgitation of a faulty mind such as yours. Nevertheless throughout history there have been innumerable instances where people such as the likes of you have unintentionally become symbols of how not to become or how not to think to the thoughtful and mentally mature observers. keep trying to swim in your smelly mental quagmire.

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  7. The talking points and method of critique by this individual is from top to bottom "far-right" which in other contexts is also racist, white supremacist and Islamophobic against us, the black, brown and Global South masses of the wold. Notice also when he runs down the names of the religions, not once does he mention Islam. I would not give such a person a platform on this blog. Such people are also our enemies.


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