The Bahá’i Culture and Ideological Platform

Although Bahá’ism had always been an affiliated political affair, the Russian Govern­ment knew very well that under the conditions of the Qajar era and in communities such as Iran and Iraq, where religion had deep roots in the peoples' lives, no imperialist plan would succeed unless with religious appearances. Thus, by taking advantage of the ground-work set by the Shaikhiya sect, the Russian agent first claimed to be Imam Zaman's deputy, then called himself Báb and later claimed prophesy and divinity. For this reason, the Bahá’is' ideological books are filled with contradictions and conflicting contentions. Most interesting of all is that they have sought to put out religious orders which form the most amusing part of the Bahá’i books. Even more interesting is that, today, the western world, claiming civilization, campaigning against extravagant talk, and accusing the Islamic Republic of fundamentalism, regression ... has come to the defense of these people. "Take counsel ye people of insight."

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