Bahá’ism is a political party with imperialist affiliations, not a religious or cultural faith

The Bahá’is have tried from the beginning to present their faith as independent of politics, to afford it a merely religious and ideological aspect, to consider themselves as advocate of the principle of non-intervention in political affairs and have always placed the above motto at the top of all their plans and writings. Nevertheless, as evidenced by the following arguments and the events throughout the past and present history of this sect, not only have they intervened in politics, but they are also essentially an imperialist-inspired political party.

1. The coming into existence of Bahá’ism, as detailed in the last two chapters, was a result of the Czarist Russian Government's political and imperialistic objectives, and was founded by Russian spies under the supervision of the Russian Emperor Nikolayevich Alexander II.

2. Russian, British and Zionist imperialism has always been involved in all the affairs of continuation of the activities of the sect. In Iran, at first, it was a medium for the Czarist government's penetration in the Qajar establishment, thence to oppose constitution, and later to deviate the movement. In Baghdad and Turkey, it was a British-affiliated political affair employed to weaken and bring about the downfall of the Ottoman Empire. Following the establishment of the Zionist government, too, Bahá’ism has been a tool in the hands of this anti-humane movement, defending their objectives and acting as a major agent in strengthening the Zionists and undermining the Muslims' unity.

The political dimensions of the Bahá’is' major activities since its inception (which are recorded in history books and documents and on which the existence of this affiliated sect depends) are listed hereunder to clarify its imperialist nature:

I. Weakening of the clergy, who had always been like a steel obstacle against imperialism, by spreading disuniting allegations by the Bahá’i leaders at the start of its coming into existence.

II. Rioting and creation of numerous conflicts and battles in different regions, which were perpetrated by the Bahá’is, brought about the weakening of the central government and the furthering of the influence of the Russians and the British.

III. The Bahá’i conspiracies to assassinate Amir Kabir, the Tehran Imam Jum'a (the Friday Prayers Leader of Tehran) as well as Nassereddin Shah in the circumstances of the time were exactly consistent with the political objectives of the Russian government.

IV. The Bahá’is' seditious acts and blood-shedding, committed over the ten-year period of Bahá's residence in Baghdad had no other objective but to undermine the Ottoman Empire, to provide the grounds for British exploitation and to confront Iran with the Ottomans.

V. The totality of the Bahá’i activities in Turkey comprised:

a) The continuous relationship of their leaders with the British, French and Russian embassies.

b) Agitating the internal and central affairs of the Ottoman Empire which was to the direct benefit of Britain, such that the Ottoman government, citing these same facts, exiled them to Cyprus and Akka.

VI. In Palestine, before establishment of the usurping government, the Bahá’is acted as British spies against the Ottoman Empire. They went so far ahead in their venture that their leader was sentenced to death by the Ottoman Pasha on charges of espionage. However, the British cabinet assigned Lord Curzon and Lord Lamington to save him, and Lord Balfore immediately cabled Gen. Allenby to save him and to protect his life.

VII. After the occupation of Palestine, too, the Bahá’is have concentrated their activities on supporting Israel and strengthening the pillars of this bloodthirsty regime.

VIII. In Iran, prior to the Islamic Revolution, they always supported, and participated in, the regime's crimes in all political affairs; and after the Revolution, they have always taken active part in all political conspiracies against the Islamic Revolu­tion.

In view of the foregoing arguments, only those who consider Zionism to be an innocent infant free of any political brand and a propagator of heavenly teachings, may contend that Bahá’ism is an ideological platform and a religion!!

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