Following the formation of the Zionist government, Bahá’ism has been the executor of the Zionist aims throughout the world:

Ever since the United Nations granted official status to the Israeli government, Bahá’ism and Zionism, which are both offsprings of colonialism, came to each other's aid like two dear brothers. Since then, Bahá’ism has been a centre at the disposal of the Zionists, and their assemblies throughout the world have carried out the orders received from occupied Palestine:

Akhbar-i Amri-yi magazine (the Bahá’i organ) dated April 1, 1954 reads: "The Israeli president and his wife Mrs. Ben Zoy paid a scheduled visit to the holy sites of Mount Carmel, following the reception given in their honour at the home of His Holiness `Abdu’l-Bahá."

The edition dated June 24, 1954 of the same magazine reads: "The [Israeli] Government's relations with His Holiness Vali Amrullah and the International Bahá’i Delegation is friendly and sincere. It is a pleasure that successes have been achieved in recognition of the faith in the holy land."

Many years ago, the following statement appeared in the official Bahá’i publication in Iran: "We are very proud and pleased to announce to the Bahá’is the expansion and development of relations between Bahá’ism and the officials of the Israeli Government." (11)

At about the same time, the Bahá’i representatives had meetings with Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion, at which they expressed their gratitude and appreciation towards the Israeli Government, as well as the Bahá’is' sincere feelings and emotions towards him, wishing for the primacy and progress of the Israeli Government. (11) Ben Gurion had said: "I hope the Bahá’i World Centre in the State of Israel will always prove to be increasingly effective in the country's progress and eminence and in the people's prosperity. Since the inception of the State of Israel, the Bahá’is have always had sincere relations with the Israeli Government". (12)

Dr. Latifullah Hakim, a member of the International Bahá’i Delegation in Israel, in a letter to the Iranian Bahá’i community, wrote: "These days the Israeli papers, whether in Hebrew, Arabic or English, publish detailed articles on the Bahá’i religion and His Holiness."

Other recurrent contacts between Israeli and Bahá’i officials, such as the former Israeli President Zalman Shazar's visit to the Bahá’i centres on April 7, 1964 and the exchange of extremely sincere compliments between them, are themselves indications of strong relations and intense cooperation between the Bahá’is and the regime occupying Jerusalem. (13)

Cooperation between these two anti-Islamic groups is also witnessed in practice. Bahá’ism is legal and officially recognized in Israel. All its landed properties and endowments are exempt from government taxation and duties. Even the imports required by Bahá’is enjoy exemption from customs duties. Publication of Bahá’i news in the Israeli newspapers and their broadcast on Radio Israel are authorized. Radio Israel sometimes even congratulates the Bahá’is on the occasion of their festivities. The Israeli Ministry of Education relieves the Bahá’i students from attending school on their holidays (15) and thousands of clandestine and unknown relationships that remain secret to us.

The Bahá’is' co-operation with the newly-arrived Zionists was so apparent that Gamal Abdul-Nasser ordered the removal of all Bahá’i communities in Egypt. The "Bureau for Boycott of Israel", organized by the Islamic countries, subjected the Bahá’is to the boycott for co-operating with Israel.

As the final example and document, mention is made of Mrs. Rúhíyyih Maxwell's press conference, in which she said: "I prefer to have the youngest religion, Bahá’ism, germinate in the newest country of the world, Israel. We belong to, and depend on, this country, Israel. Indeed, I should say that ours and Israel's future are interlinked like a chain." (16)

It can be said with certainty that: The fabricated, mock Bahá’i faith, that has been instrumental in sowing discord and disunion among the Muslim people during its hundred-and-thirty year history, is afforded the same function today. Just as the British Government once wanted Bahá, the Bahá’i leader, to go to India (17) or the French Government requested to have Bahá’i missionaries dispatched to North African countries, such as Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, which were then under its colonial rule (18), the western imperialist governments today are endeavouring to use Bahá’ism as a pretext to forge a propaganda weapon against the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, just as factual realities do not remain concealed for ever, and manipulation of facts cannot be permanently effective, their conspiracies shall be frustrated and shall prove futile, God willing.

As evidenced by the documents presented in the next section, Bahá’ism played a part in all the terrible crimes by the sinister Pahlavi Monarchy throughout its reign, and it has strengthened the usurpant regime of Israel with its material and moral support.

Following the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, too, the Bahá’is acted as agents of Israel and U.S.A. in Iran and took part in conspiracies, the documents of which have been provided by judicial authorities on various occasions.

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