Baha'i World Government

"... A single, organically-united, unshattered World Common wealth."
- Shoghi Effendi, Messages to America, p. 81

“... a stage which, in the fullness of time, will culminate in the establishment of the World Baha’i Commonwealth, functioning in the plenitude of its powers”
- Shoghi Effendi, Baha’i World. Vol. XIII, p. 138

"... the precautionary and defensive measures to be devised, coordinated, and carried out to counteract the full force of the inescapable attacks which the organized efforts of ecclesiastical organizations of various denominations will progressively launch and relentlessly pursue; and, last but not least, the multitudinous issues that must be faced, the obstacles that must be overcome, and the responsibilities that must be assumed, to enable a sore-tried Faith to pass through the successive stages of unmitigated obscurity, of active repression, and of complete emancipation, leading in turn to its being acknowledged as an independent Faith, enjoying the status of full equality with its sister religions, to be followed by its establishment and recognition as a State religion, which in turn must give way to its assumption of the rights and prerogatives associated with the Baha'i state, functioning in the plenitude of its powers, a stage which must ultimately culminate in the emergence of the world-wide Baha'i' Commonwealth, animated wholly by the spirit, and operating solely in direct conformity with the laws and principles of Baha’u’llah."
- Shoghi Effendi, The Advent of Divine Justice, p. 12

"It is the structure of His New World Order, now stirring in the womb of the administrative institutions He Himself has created, that will serve both as a pattern and a nucleus of the World Commonwealth which is the sure, the inevitable destiny of the peoples and nations of the earth."
- Shoghi Effendi, The Promised Day is Come, p. 122

"It is the superstructure of that self-same order, attaining its full stature through the emergence of the Baha'i World Commonwealth — the Kingdom of God on earth —which the Golden Age of the (Baha'i) Dispensation must, in the fullness of time, ultimately witness."
- Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By, p. 26

"As the authority with which Baha’u’llah has invested the future Baha'i Commonwealth becomes more and more apparent, the fiercer shall be the challenge which from every quarter will be thrown at the verities it enshrines."
- Shoghi Effendi, World Order of Bahaullah, p. 18

"And as the Baha'i Faith permeates the masses of the peoples of East and West, and its truth is embraced by the majority of the peoples of a number of the Sovereign States of the world, will the Universal House of Justice attain the plenitude of its power, and exercise, as the supreme organ of the Baha'i Commonwealth, all the rights, the duties, and responsibilities incumbent upon the worlds future super state."
- Shoghi Effendi, World Order of Baha'u'llah, p. 7

"Haifa, Israel - 'permanent world Administrative Centre of the future Baha'i Commonwealth, destined never to be separated from, and to function in proximity of the Spiritual Centre of (the) Faith'... "
- Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By, p. 348

"... To us, the 'generation of the half-light', living at a time which maybe designated as the period of the incubation of the World Commonwealth envisaged by Baha’u’llah, has been assigned a task whose high privilege we can never sufficiently appreciate, and the arduousness of which we can as yet but dimly recognize."
- Shoghi Effendi, World Order of Baha’u’llah, p 168

"... the Faith of Baha’u’llah is now visibly succeeding in demonstrating its claim and title to be regarded as a World Religion destined to attain, in the fullness of time, the status of a world-embracing Commonwealth, which would be at once the instrument and the guardian of the Most Great Peace, announced by its Author."
- Shoghi Effendi, World Order of Bahaullah, p. 196

"The Declaration of Trust and By-Laws of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States, stands in its final form as a worthy and faithful exposition of the constitutional basis of the Baha’i communities in every land, foreshadowing the final emergence of the World Baha’i Commonwealth of the future."
- Shoghi Effendi, Bahai Administration, p. 135

"This final and crowning stage (Commonwealth) in the evolution of the Plan wrought by God Himself for humanity will, in turn, prove to be the signal for the birth of a world civilization, incomparable in its range, its character and potency, in the history of mankind ... "
- Shoghi Effendi, Baha’i World, Vol. XI, p. 138

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  1. A one-world government is a bad idea, and that's all there is to it.


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