Shua Ullah Behai on the lack of progress of the Baha'i Faith in America


It is nearly half a century since [the Baha’i] principles were introduced in the United States of America, but with all the efforts that have been made we have not progressed as we should.... The time has come that we should arise from our slumber and pull the wool off our eyes and see the defect which is causing our stagnation. Avoiding questioners, and excommunications, are signs of weakness and anti-Baha’i principles. Independent investigation of truth should replace these flaws. -Shua Ullah Behai

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  1. The Baha'i Faith fails to attract Americans because of a stifling community culture: only Persians (who have many good qualities, but are also superior and materialistic) and Progressives (political) are valued and appreciated. Conformity is demanded. In spite of its claimed openness to all and future unity of mankind, I found it narrow-minded and dominated by a few, older, judgmental individuals in each community who appropriated long-term positions (secretary, chairman, treasurer). "No clergy" does not translate into "no dictators". I appreciate the personal growth I found in the time I was a Baha'i, but now I see it as an unhealthy splinter that attracts individuals who find justification for a narcissistic superiority over non-Bahais.


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