First sentence of Baha'i Faith article on Wikipedia vs. first sentence of Kitab i Aqdas

First sentence of Baha'i Faith article on Wikipedia:

The Baháʼí Faith (/bəˈhɑːʔiː, bəˈhaɪ/; Persian: بهائی‎ Bahāʼi) is a relatively new religion[a] teaching the essential worth of all religions

First sentence of Kitab i Aqdas:

The first duty prescribed by God for His servants is the recognition of Him Who is the Dayspring of His Revelation and the Fountain of His laws, Who representeth the Godhead in both the Kingdom of His Cause and the world of creation. Whoso achieveth this duty hath attained unto all good; and whoso is deprived thereof hath gone astray, though he be the author of every righteous deed.
If everything you do is worthless if you are not a Baha'i, this means all religions other than the Baha'i Faith are completely worthless. Therefore, the first sentence from the Wikipedia article and the first sentence from the Aqdas are completely contradictory.

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