Why is the Persian Bayan not translated into English or other languages for all Baha'is to read?

By Nima Wahid Azal

Because were it ever to be translated in full by them, it would immediately reveal the illegitimacy of Bahāism in every aspect, not to mention the degree to which Bahāism - rather than novelizing and innovating a doctrine beyond those Revealed in the Bayān (as the Bayān clearly expects its true Promised One will do) - merely whitewashed, dumbed down and thereby thoroughly disfigured countless Bayānī teachings. Additionally a complete translation of the Persian Bayān would reveal the depth to which the Bayān inhabits an explicitly Iranian Shiʿi Islamic cultural space as opposed to Bahāism who long ago shed its Shiʿi Islamic Iranianness replacing it instead with a sanitizing liberal Anglo-European modernism with its universalizing Western imperialist motivations; this, because Bahāism (while speaking from two sides of its mouth) is often openly Islamophobic, Iranophobic and particularly Shiʿiphobic in its entire thrust and worldview which is why the bulk of the non-Iranian converts it attracts are themselves usually Islamophobic, Iranophobic and Shiʿiphobic individuals. A translation of the Persian Bayān would also show the extent to which the Bahāʾī founders lied and misrepresented the Bayān and its teachings, which would immediately reveal them (i.e. the Bahāʾī founders) as complete frauds and charlatans.
Moreover, such a translation would clearly demonstrate the extent to which the Bahāʾī founders not only failed but outright skirted and ignored in properly addressing these texts and their teachings as compared to the Primal Point with His countless commentaries on the scripture and traditions of Islam. Therefore the continued suppression of the Persian Bayān and the other writings of the Primal Point is at the core function of Bahāism’s self-perpetuation. If it were to ever come clean and offer all these writings in translation, it would simply cease to exist by invalidating its own ideological raison d’etre. In other words, a complete and unadulterated translation of all the writings of the Point of the Bayān would constitute an act of suicide for Bahāism, hence why it would never be in its interests to do so since Haifan Bahāism is, after all, a corporate business acting as a ‘soft power’ front in the service of Anglo-Zionist global neoliberal capitalist supremacy and its agendas, and not a real religion.
One quote that gets circulated a lot is one that supposedly Abdul-Baha himself said in a book called Makatib. To paraphrase, the quote says the teachings of the Báb included "beheading and destroying of anything non-Babi.”
The assertion regarding beheadings by ʿAbbās Effendī found in his Makātib clearly establishes him as a liar since both the wilful killing and mutilation of the human body with the cutting off of human limbs (esp. beheadings and the like) - even in time of war and even of the enemies of the Bayān - is explicitly forbidden per the sixteenth gate of the eleventh Unity of the Bayān. To wit,
Do not murder any soul nor under any circumstance sever anything [i.e. limbs] from any person, if ye be believers in God and Its versical-signs. And whosoever commands this, undertakes it, or determines to prevent but doesn’t prevent it, or is content [with the action]; it is necessary for him in the Book of God to pay eleven thousand mithqāls of gold [in penalty]…(my trans.)
That stated, even though here it is clearly demonstrated that the assertions of both ʿAbbās Effendī and his father regarding what they claimed to be the violent nature of the Bayān to be completely false; assertions made in a variety of places by the two of them; the fact that the Bahāʾī founders made such false statements was designed solely as a self-justification mechanism, not to mention designed to unfairly slur the Bayānīs and Ṣubḥi-Azal particularly. However, the reactionary Twelver Shiʿi ʿulamā then opportunistically latched on to such statements by the Bahāʾī founders and used them for their own purposes: statements being used to this very day in order to discredit the Primal Point, the People of the Bayān, and the Bahāʾī founders together with their followers alike.
Now, indeed the Point of the Bayān advises – rather than outright commands – that shrines of former religions to be destroyed. There is a reason he says this in that the Point holds that the animating spirit that inhabited such places and spaces ceases to be present with every superseding Manifestation. A good example of one of the controversial issues that the Point expresses over this matter is when He advises that the Kaʿba in Mecca be demolished since the divine spirit that once inhabited it is no longer present there since the primal essence thereof is now embodied in His Manifestation such that the physical situs of the qibla is now Shirāz rather than Mecca. Given what the Wahhabīs and Najdī Saʿūdīs have turned Mecca into in recent times - i.e. an Islamic Disneyland displaying the worst excesses of Gulf Arab opulence, corruption, hypocrisy, unchecked wealth and the disparities between the haves and have nots – whether taken literally or not, I believe that the Primal Point certainly had a valid point here, proving His prescience in the matter thereby.
“Others say that the Báb said the next Messenger would come in the year 1511 or 2001 of the Babi calendar, thus Baha’u’llah could not possibly be HWGSMM.”

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