21-year-old Jose Ramirez told friends that he was “sick of his parents” and killed them Friday.

Lesbian Baha'i Susan Brill was killed by her adopted son.

I knew Susan Brill before she was Susan Brill Ramirez. She was an old friend of mine. This breaks my heart. Susan Brill lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico when I first arrived there in 1989. She befriended me and at the time was a lesbian Baha'i finishing her PhD dissertation on Ludwig Wittgenstein at the University of New Mexico where I had entered as an undergraduate.

Susan was a great person. Rough around the edges when I first knew her, but in an authentic and good way. She was a brutally honest individual and had genuine intellectual integrity as a person.

She left New Mexico in late 1991 to take her job at Bradley but we stayed in touch. She first told me about the list talisman@indiana.edu in early 1995 and encouraged me to join it. While Susan did not choose the direct path of confrontation with the Baha'i authorities, she did not disagree with many of the points and positions of the main contributors to that list either. One of the first people I emailed when I was about to formally withdraw my membership from Bahaism in 1996 was in fact Susan Brill. She did not discourage me especially since she had patiently listened to me for years complaining about it as I had withdrawn from it for all practical purposes around the time I had first met her in the early 1990s. Susan, on the other hand, had a more pragmatic view and approach to things. But unlike other Baha'is she understood and appreciated where people such I were coming from.

Her murderer, obviously her adopted son, needs to be put away for good. Although the media is not mentioning it, it is obvious this kid was possibly on a cocktail of pharmaceutical prescription drugs and had been in and out of American mental institutions. If true, this American obsession with medicating mental illness with chemicals which makes people even more mentally ill is a solid testimony to the utter bankruptcy of that entire industry and its literal malevolence.

Susan Brill will be missed. May the All-High rest her soul in eternal power and light!

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