Sister of prominent Iranian Baha'i teacher and writer converts to Islam

The sister of prominent Baha'i proselytizer, writer and apologist Nosrat'ullah Mohammad-Husayni, Ahdieh Mohammad-Husayni Samali, has converted to Islam. Here she can be seen in her home with Iranian Muslim scholar Hasan Ershad (Naser Nasereddin).

Apparently Hasan Ershad ran into this family via his own contacts in Mashhad. Nosrat'ullah Mohammad-Husayni, the prominent elder brother, has written several books all from a Baha'i perspective. His 800+ page book on the Bab, for instance, merely rehashes Nabil Zarandi. Hasan Ershad reached out to the older brother but instead the sister responded and Hasan Ershad proceeded to show the sister how Nosrat'ullah's entire narrative about the Bab is completely false. This has been ongoing for some time. During one point of this ongoing discussion she converted.

Btw many of the primary sources Mr Ershad has been utilizing in order to prove the Baha'i narrative of Babism to be completely false have come straight from beginning with the MS version of the qayyum'ul-asma' he has been using which is transcribed in the hand of Mirza Mustafa Katib Sidih'i.

More details on N. Wahid Azal's blog, here. 

Video here

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