Baha'i UHJ member Grossmann & Fascism

By a Baha'i Seeker from Germany

I am most grateful to those who reponded to my questions about the "Counsellors" and the Centre for International Teaching in Haifa.

but I do not comprehend how can they "have no power" and still be capable to investigate persons for their opinions. If no "heresy" exists in the Baha'i Faith, why opinions be investigated? If the "counsellors" cannot do anything, why investigate? Is it to produce an article for Paris Match? Are not some who are investigated excommunicated? If they have no special place in elections for House of Justice, why have most recently elected members coming from the Centre for Teaching International?

I have another question about the "counsellors" in Israel. I have seen that one is Hartmut Grossmann. I know Bahais do not like national prejudgement. But I confess I am suspicious of fascist Germans, who had invaded twice during the past century. I have Bahai friends here who say German Bahais during the second war mondiale spent their time to ask Hitler please to let them have their nationale assemblee and to say they were loyal German citizens and were misunderstood. I have anxiety about Grossmann's influence in the religion. The manner Bahais speak of "breakers of the covenant" as contaminated by disease is exactly what Nazis told about Jews. And Grossmann's "investigation" of the liste talisman was resembled with what Hitler's secret police did.

If you say Herr Grossman's opinion of the covenant breakers is not resembled with Nazi opinion of the Jews because you accept the unity of the man. But my Bahai friends here say descendents of your prophet are viewed as still contaminated. So it exists, a sort of "race" of Bahaullahis, who are contagious. Many live in Israel. This Bahaullahi race in my opinion resembles with the race of the children of Israel, which the Nazis said contaminated the German nation. I desire to know, only, if M. Grossmann has spoken about this contamination. Not all fascists desired to murder Jews, no? Many just desired them out of Germany so it would being pure of contagion. So maybe Baha'is will desire covenant breakers to being out of their countries. Maybe some will want a final solution.

So is there Nazi influence on the bahai vatican (we suffer with it in Rome, too!) What is the "final solution" for "breakers of the covenant?"

Nazis tell that immigrants have the contagion, in the manner Bahais say the "covenant breakers" have the disease. Fascists are thinking in this manner, that some race of the man is the source of contagion. For Hitler it was being Jews, gypsies . . .

Also, M. Grossman and the other cardinals of the faith condemned the liste talisman after investigation, which resembles with SS investigations. So is this influence from Goebbels?

Some Questions to dear Baha'is:

1)  M. Walker gave me confirmation that German Bahais served in the Hitler's army and carried the arms – is this true?

2)  The German assemblee had being dissolved by Nazi decree for the pacifisme. But they continued write to the government that this was an error, they were citizens loyal. Only the Jewish Bahais were sent to the camps, for example Zamenhoff. "Aryan" Bahais employed the courts to save their properte? How true this is?

3)  Does the Bahaisme stand with liberte, or with fascisme? Are the contagious ('the breakers of the covenant') capable to attend your schools? What if the government is Bahai, what school will they attend?

- Giscard

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