Was Shoghi Effendi Homosexual ?

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  1. I personally recall that May Maxwell RK told my family that she had no
    problems with homosexuals (i.e. she felt safe with male homosexuals).

    Now, take it for what it means- as I was too young to ask her to

    But, this would point to her husband- Shoggi Effendi's suppressed
    homosexuality-- as well as Remey. On needs to recall that Remey lived
    in Italy in the final years of his life with a male partner.

    Both Abdul'baha and Shoggi Effendi- being recognized by BAHA'IS - as
    OMNIPOTENT-OMNISCIENT-INFALLIBLE would have known of Remey's
    homosexuality. In fact to make matters worse, there is a book
    published regarding Abdul'baha (I think by Furutan) where there are
    several stories of clairvoyance on the part of Abdul'Baha- namely that
    he KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN in the future.

    If Those infallible relatives of Baha'u'llah- namely Abdul'baha and
    Shoggi Effendi named Remey at a HIGH BAHA'I position- they must have
    known of Remey's sexuality. Since Shoggi Effendi was homosexual- he
    would have had EASILY found the homosexual trait in Remey.

    Furthermore, I am suspicious of Shoggi Effendi's death in 1957- THERE
    IS FOUL PLAY- I would love to have Shoggi be tested by a forensic
    pathologist. Shoggi was always depressed- he could have overdosed on
    medications or better overdosed on opium provided to him by the august
    AFANAN family of Iran.

    Dying of "coronary disease" without any autopsy is completely
    LUDICROUS idiotic- no scientist would EVER believe this story- except
    when Baha'is make it up. May be Remey was trying to "dump" boyfriend
    Shoggi? After all, Shoggi had selected him for several high level
    Baha'i positions.

    Shoggi showed NO PARTICULAR AFFECTION towards his wife- specially as
    he was 'western' trained and his wife was a Westerner. Homosexuality
    is a strong trait in Baha'u'llah family.


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