Rich Baha'is openly violate Baha'i laws but never gets sanctioned

This coffin belongs to Hooshmand Leghaie. A Baha'i who died in China and his body was transferred to Iran. According to the Kitab-i-Aqdas a corpse can only be buried or moved one hour distance from the place the deceased died (the distance from China to Iran is much longer than one hour). Shoghi Effendi was buried in England for this exact reason. But rich Baha'is freely disobey this law of Aqdas and move the dead, they openly violate Baha'i laws and no sanctions are ever imposed on them.

Here are some examples of violators who are still Baha'i in good standing.

Hossein Danesh (NSA Member)

Jehangir Sorabjee (LSA Member)

Payam Shoghi (Ex-Counselor)

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