Farah Pahlavi’s narrative about Shah’s interest in Baha’ism

Farah Pahlavi, Shah’s wife mentions about Shah’s interest in nullifying Islam religion out of Iranian laws in her memoirs.

Mohammad Reza Shah’s life was full of ups and down. The last king of Iran had an unstable character. He was influenced by his intimate companions’ ideas and speeches according to his intimate companions’ narratives.

In this regard, Farah Pahlavi has said in an interview with the announcer of 24-hour Los Angles Radio about Shah’s religion and religious beliefs:

“Shah didn’t have religious beliefs; specially he was continually flattered too much at end of his government and he had extremely been irreligious and he was even eager to implement Hoveyda’s advice, “Hoveyda had asked the King nullify the formality of Islam religion and to let Baha’is be active extensively. But he was afraid of people too much to revolt against him. For this reason, he asked Hoveyda to provide the facilities for Baha’is to grow secretly.”

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