Unitarian Baha'is to commemorate the "Day of the Empty Throne" on 20th November

The Empty Throne of Guardian
"The Day of the Empty Throne" commemorates the anniversary of the day, in 1957, on which the Hands of the Cause voted to declare the office of Guardianship of the Bahai Faith permanently vacant, basing their decision on Shoghi Effendi Rabbani's sudden death apparently without appointing a successor or providing any instructions for who should lead the faith after his passing. The Hands invoked the Islamic concept of "bada" (revision), i.e. that God had changed His mind.

On this day every year, Unitarian Bahais mourn the loss of the ideal of the "Covenant" and "World Order of Bahaullah" in which successors of Bahaullah would guide the Bahai cause and preserve the unity of its followers. As a result of this loss, we look to the opportunity for the Throne of the Holy Spirit to reside within each and every one of us, and for inspired teachings and guidance to emanate from our own hearts, minds, tongues and pens rather than only from one man or one institution of religious leadership.

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