One more "World Religion" comes out from the "Baha'i World Faith"

The Greatest Maitreya Symbol. And the "Twin Manifestations" of ........ !

This new cult is an offshoot of Baha'ism. Now its missionaries (also Iranian) denounce the Baha'i faith. They say that they don't have any direct relationship with Baha'ism but they have written letters to the Baha'i Organizations to join them. They consider Baha'u'llah as one of the true prophet. The founder of Maitreya Cult was also born in Iran in 1944 (1844 is a significant year for Baha'is) and claims to be the one promised by Baha'u'llah. They have their reasoning, more powerful then what the Baha'is have. They also speak the language of Baha'is (Unity, Equality, Peace and stuff like that). Many Baha'is have accepted this new cult that originated in Iran but flourished in the West.

Please read the history of this new "Manifestation" and how he learned to 'cook' a new Religion from Baha'i books.

A Maitreya Missionary speaks the Baha'i language and talks about his invitation to Baha'is :

So this is a newly discovered Sect of Baha'is.

More Baha'i sects can be studied here :

Attention Baha'is :
Please also read this :


  1. Another hokey New Age cult which legitimizes a completely hokey cult. Btw several years ago I heard a story by someone who had left this Maitreya cult. These guys also have their problems.

  2. Any fool can say: "I am the promised one" but is never going to be able to demonstrate it. Apart from it Wahid Azal is jealous, because he wants to be considered the promised one but nobody pays attention on him ha ha ha!

    1. Well, certainly no one is paying any attention to a jackass named Yibrail Yibrailez.

  3. Seriously where do you get this crap from Baha'u'llah never promised no one is coming except for a 1000 yrs and this cult or what ever isn't a sect from Baha'u'llah that will never happen .


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