Goyim Baha’is and the Seven Laws of Noah

According to Jewish beliefs the Goyish Baha’is will be punished

The Haifan Baha'i youths in Iran
In the traditional Judaism, God gave Noah and his family seven commandments to observe when he saved them from the flood. These commandments, referred to as the Noahic or Noahide commandments, are inferred from Genesis Ch. 9, and are as follows:

1) to establish courts of justice;

Baha’is : They have established “Universal House of Justice” in Israel but many Ex-Baha’is and Guardianist Baha’is consider it to be Null and Void without a living Guardian as its CEO. The writings of Baha’i Leaders confirm this and this has caused many problems in the Baha’i Community right after the accused murder of Shoghi Effendi and after the Women (Ruhiyyih) taking Chief Position on the supreme administrative body, when the clear writings of Baha’u’llah strictly prohibits membership to women in the Supreme Administrative Body. The members of this invalid body are accused of nepotism, sexually exploiting women secretaries and volunteers, misusing finance, taking huge salaries from the funds contributed by poor Baha’is of Africa, Iran and India, living lavish lives with family on the cost of Huququllah, while the pioneers and volunteers in many countries hardly receives 2-3 USD per day. These are the ‘Infallible’ Leaders!

2) not to commit blasphemy;

Baha’is : Baha’is commit blasphemy by imposing a Ugly Faced Opportunist Terrorist Iranian Muslim Mullah on Jews, who was not himself sure of his claims and these very Baha’is try to portray him as the “Lord of Hosts” and “redeemer”, who will gather the dispersed Jews back to Israel. How is Baha’u’llah anyway related to the gathering of Jews in Israel?

3) not to commit idolatry;

Baha’is : They commit idolatry, they put the pictures of Abdul Baha at every place. They have built huge buildings on the ‘fake’ grave of Bab and Baha’u’llah and they worship them. These pieces of land are the property of State of Israel and the State of Israel may one day, when it finishes using these Iranian Israelis, consider making “Theme Park” on these places. The Military land will be returned back to the Israeli Military.

4) not to commit incest and adultery;

Baha’is : Incest, Adultery and Sex for Conversion, see this :
Google for the term “Baha’i Incest in Peru”, “Baha’i Incest in Iran” and “Sex for Conversion in Baha’i Faith” you will get many articles.

About Adultery see what the Baha’is are involved in :

5) not to commit bloodshed;

Baha’is : They have been involved in murders of many Azalis, Babis. And the earlier Baha’is who were Babis (believers of Bab) were involved in Jihad and they have killed many People and they were themselves responsible for the killings of many innocent Babis.

6) not to commit robbery;

Baha’is : They have robbed the State of Israel. They are making fool of Israelis from last many years and taking Tax Benefits and Exemptions. They have been converting Jews in Iran and they have converted many Jews outside Israel. Some of the counselors have been passing sensitive information to Islamic Iran and regularly, secretly visiting Iran and other Islamic countries.

7) not to eat flesh cut from a living animal.

Baha’is : They play with flesh! Exploit women and use them for their means and women for them are instruments of entertainment.

These commandments are fairly simple and straightforward, and most of them are recognized by most of the world as sound moral principles. Any non-Jew who follows these laws has a place in the world to come.
 Source : TRB


  1. Baha'is are recognized by the "State of Israel" and we are absolute sincere and faithful to this country.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4Cyp4jjy6kg


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