Ask any Baha'i these two questions...

The Baha’i Faith is indeed a strange religion. The more I study it, the more I am amazed at its level of duplicity and intent to deceive people. Let me explain this.

You know there are those kinds of people who like to please everyone. And they will say anything - right or wrong to ensure that people like them or that they don’t lose their appeal. Sure, for some time we like them. But then their "sweetness" starts getting to you. Over a period of time, this "sweetness" starts getting sickening. You then want them to come clean in discussions, when it comes to giving their opinions and speak the right thing. You want them to speak the facts and not what people want to hear. Ever met people like that?

Well, the Baha’is remind of these types of people. Those who will say anything to appear pleasing to everyone in the world. Let me give you some examples on this.

Baha’is claim to unite religions. Yet they have no thought or opinion on how they can unite the tangential beliefs in religions without antagonizing the other. Christianity believes that Jesus is the son of God. Islam says no. Christianity believes that Jesus was crucified. Islam says no. If the Baha’i Faith was truly the next generation revelation which is meant to unite religions, it must address these very clear contradictions. But you know what. They will never call a spade a spade. They will go onto a tangent. So who is Jesus? Is he the son of God? Ask the Baha’is - they will say he is a Manifestation of God. Sure. But is he the son of God? He is a Manifestation. Oh, but is he the son of God?..whew...You will never hear anything from them. Why can’t they come clean on this? Why cant they either tell the Christians that you guys have been misguided all these year - Jesus is not the son of God. Or simply tell the Muslims - there is no unity of God. Jesus is the son of God. Perhaps they can’t come clean on this without antagonizing either Islam or Christianity. So as the adage goes - if you can’t convince, then confuse!

A Persian Baha'i with Zionist President
I am still unable to reconcile the fact that Baha’is are not meant to teach the Faith to Jews. Huh? C’mon are you not a universal religion or Bahaullah the messenger of all times etc etc, as you claim? Then why are you depriving the Jews of guidance. Ask the Baha’is and they will tell you that this is as per pact which Bahaullah entered with the Jews. Huh? A messenger of God entering into an arrangement with a community to deprive them of the teachings of God? Ask the Baha’is and they will shy away from this. What right do they have to stake claim to being a universal religion when they cannot teach such an important community in the world? So whenever a Muslim comes to me, that’s what I tell him – ask the Baha’is to teach the Jews first and then Christians and then Islam. In any case that is the sequence in which Allah revealed his message in any case. Or else, tell us that the Jews are right and we all will follow the Jews and not Bahaullah.

There are several such instances which highlight the false sweetness of the Baha’i Faith. The sad part is that the Bahais themselves are not able to see through these contradictions. Anyways, if ever you meet any Baha’i who appears very sweet to you, just throw him these questions and watch the "sweetness" disappear!

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  1. Awesome. I wish you had more of these contradictions. I'll offer some I came up with on my own:
    1) Sexist at the top. The bahai's are proud to announce they are the most progressive religion. One particular idea they tout as if they invented is the equality of men and women. However, an inconvenient truth about the organisational structure of the faith is that women can be elected to all the positions, except the very highest. Women cannot be elected to the nine member Universal House of Justice. Ask them why and watch them squirm. I've heard varying BS about it. I think the real reason is because the faith was founded in the middle east in the mid 1800's and while progressive for the period, this was the limit. They couldn't bear of a women being a part of the boys club at the top that supposedly represents the word of god when they are seated together.
    2) Homosexuals are to be first treated as if ill, and if not curable, then shunned. If you ask them, they will likely say they may say they are 'accepting' of homos but that's bs.
    3) Shunning. Yes they do shun like any cult. Their term for people who are to be shunned are called "Covenant breakers". Careful though, if you talk about this with them they may label you one and stop talking to you. This is serious though, because the bahai faith is so tight nit between the 19 day feasts, holy days, volunteering and other community events, that to be shunned would be brutal for members.
    4) Peer pressure to give lots of money. Most religions have a big financial giving component and the bahai faith is no different. Ask them about the giving at the feasts. And how one guy or girl, the 'treasurer" actually gets to see how much everybody gives. Also ask them about the Huququllah aka the right of god (their words not mine). This is a flat 19% tax on luxury income (they define it as income after your home, etc). 19%!!!! that's huge, and if you add up the other funds you are 'encouraged' to donate to by your treasurer and the community goals that everyone gets updated on every 19 days, what are we at like 25% damn this is expensive.
    5) Encourage kids to do a year of service. It's optional but I mean in religion optional means pressured. So you have these kids doing missionary work after high school. It's crazy.

    I'll stop here. Just know while they pretend to have all the answers, they still suffer the same or higher rates of divorce as other people. There's a ton of spinsters in the religion too. And just remember that all religions are man made and as such have an origin, as a result each will have cultural biases that can be guessed, discussed and eventually criticized.

    - Jay Atheist

  2. No Baha'i ever called me a rag-head. No Baha'i ever insulted Muhammed(saws) to my face. Live and let live. The Baha'is I have met, are good, kind people.

  3. >No Baha'i ever insulted Muhammed(saws) to my face.

    According to Islam - any prophet after Muhammed is an insult to Islam. Just like for Baha'is any other guardian after Shoghi Effendi!

    >Live and let live.

    Why Baha'is removed the remains of Covenant-Breaker Diya'u'llah from his grave who was buried next to his father?

    >The Baha'is I have met, are good, kind people.

    So how does that proves the truthfulness of their religion?

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