Sen McGlinn is a self proclaimed Baha'i Scholar, who believes in Baha'u'llah and the Haifan UHJ but the Haifan UHJ does not believe in him and has withdrawn his Voting Rights for some reasons that you can read on his blog.
Sen McGlinn is a very active Haifan Baha'i, you can find him on the Internet at many places debating with christians and muslims. He does not want to convince the Jews that Baha'u'llah was the promised one of Judaism. He has his personal blog where he posts his Baha'i thoughts but censors the comments of genuine critics.

He has a posting on his blog where he tries to defend Abdul Baha by proving that he was not a "Servant" of the British Imperialism. You can find many proofs that clearly establishes the fact that he (AB) was an arrogant man and was working for British Government. for eg., the book published by the then government of Palestine states that "Abdul Baha was awarded the title SIR for his valuable services rendered to the British Government in the early days of occupation"

You can also visit this blog created by renowned Bayani (Azali) Scholar Mr. Wahid Azal here :

Wahid Azal

Wahid Azal is trying to find out the original "Knighthood Document" of Abdu'l Baha to confirm what he believes.

Here are some of his findings in this regard which he posted as a comment on Sen McGlinn's wordpress blog. But it is a practice of Haifan Baha'is to delete the critical comments from their blogs and silence the Critic by lobbying. The hypocrisy of the Baha'is is evident and clear in every aspect.

Please go through the deleted comment of Wahid Azal :

In response to:

Your argumentation, Mr McGlinn, is the usual porous yet laughable spin-meistering, revisionist (a)history and propaganda you are quite well known for. These two documents are one of countless paper trails establishing the political and economic connection of the Bahai cult with the British Imperial powers. That the British cabinet would devote this amount of time and consideration to a sectarian movement such as Bahai proves it. That a deliberation is being made over how to assist the Bahai cultists is yet another. You can spin until you are blue in the face, but the facts remain; nor are we interested in erasing any evidence from the public record - as you are quite amusingly implying - because this evidence is one of many paper trails proving what has been alleged for a long time. Additionally, the unassailable evidence proving such connections are spread out among several different places online, and not just on one link. Please note this.

That said, the real nexus of nefarious political connections between the British elite and the Bahai cult does not lie with elected British governments and the official British bureaucracy; but rather in the wheeling and dealing world of economic and financial influence that is the City of London Corporation (i.e. the infamous 'Square Mile'). On that score, a literal 'Treasure Island' (pun intended) of information connecting both the Bahai founders as well as the subsequent generation of Bahai leaders to the City of London Corporation and its multi-tentacled, global influence peddling can be found - information we mean to put online in piecemeal fashion, and already have in several instances.

But I would like this question answered by you: why did the declassified knighthood documentation pertaining to Abbas Effendi become classified information again once this documentation was transferred from the archives of the Court of St James to the British National Archives? Representatives of the Court of St James are on record claiming this material was declassified by them long ago. I quote you their communication to me:

Dear Mr. Azal Thank you for your email, and I apologise that it has taken some time to get back to you. 
I confirm that on 31st October 1919 the Central Chancery were advised by the Foreign Office that The King had appointed Mr. Abdul Baha Abbas, Leader and Head of the Bahai Religion in Palestine, to be an Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. We have no further information as to the reasons for this award.
I have spoken to the Honours Secretariat at the Foreign Office; I understand their records are only held for 15 years before being sent to the National Archives so they would be unable to give assistance here. You may yourself like to contact the National Archives at Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU (website in this connection.

I am sorry I cannot be more helpful.
Rachel Wells
Assistant Secretary
Central Chancery
St James’s Palace

All inquiries with the British National Archives at Kew Richond, Surrey, resulted in the same answer: _CLASSIFIED_.

Would you be so good as to answer why this may be the case? Are you aware of knighting documents ever being classified other than in this case? Meanwhile I will post this response to TRB so it does not get lost in the ethers should you decide to censor it.

Copied from TRB


  1. Thanks for posting this, Naser jaan. As a side note: the classification of this documentation regarding Abbas Effendi's knighting would have only been made indefinitely classified by the British government had they been actively lobbied to do so. In other words, the Haifan Bahai organization through its City of London Corporation friends would have seriously leaned on the British government to do this. My inquiry under *Freedom Of Information* regulations yielded nothing, as would anyone else's inquiry. Why does the British establishment protect this organization like this?

  2. Sen, where are you? I know you are reading this but you will never ever reply and dear to speak here. Come on man. Nobody's views are censored here.

  3. Sen McGlinn is a propagandist -- nothing more. All he has done is prove the duplicity of the Bahai leadership. The second point is that if Sen McGlinn is an excommunicated Bahai, then the Bahai followers are simply repeating the drivel of an excommunicated (ousted) member to attempt and justify their sketchy history and incoherent teachings.

  4. Not interested in Sen McGlinn's fairly tails about what a KBE is.

    KBE = Knight of the British Empire.

    At the height of British-Colonialism, when the British Occupied the lands of others and killed millions of people and plundered their resources, they offered and Abdul Baha accepted a Knighthood. Colonial-Britain was not engaging in humanitarian deeds. They were occupying India, stealing its wealth and raping their children, and causing a famine in Bangladesh. Their activities in Africa are well known. People can look up BRITISH COLONIALISM (they don't need Sen McGlinn or Jen McGlinn - there are recognized historians that have written on the topic).


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