How Baha'is are converting Poor Indians? Four Core activities of Baha'is in India.

Study Circles, Devotional Gathering, Children's Moral Classes, Junior Youth Programs. They are trying to implement these 4 core activities throughout the world. They say their aim is to serve the society, but the actual aim is to collect as much manpower (Baha'i declarations) as they can. They are quite unsuccessful throughout the world and specially in Muslim Lands. If the Indians do not wake up on time, then Baha'is can cause considerable damage to Hinduism and the multicolored Indian Society. Baha'is say Hinduism has nothing to offer to this world and the cause of all the problems and evils in India is somehow related with Hindu religion. According to their official websites they have converted 2.2 million Hindus to their cult.

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  1. Bahais have nothing against other religions. we actually believe that all religions are connected, and created by one God.
    These programs (Study Circles, Devotional Gathering, Children's Moral Classes, and Junior Youth Programs) inspire community work, spirituality and loving kindness to other people, why should Indians be left out?

  2. I know the meaning of this hypocritical sentence : "Bahais have nothing against other religions."

    If you really mean what you say, i.e. the 4 core activities are just meant to inspire the community work and all that stuff you wrote and the motive of conversion is not behind it, then you should start 4 core activities in the Holy Land also. Baha'u'llah only banned the "Conversion of the people of Israel to Baha'i faith".

    So, why should poor Israelis be left out? Please teach them "loving kindness to other people"


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