Baha'i Children (Moral) Classes for sowing the seed of Bahaism !

The BCCs or the Baha'i Children Classes are open to all the children. Children of all the religious backgrounds are invited to attend these classes. The Baha'is say they are conducting these type of classes for the betterment of Human Society, to inculcate moral and spiritual values in the children. To the non-Baha'is they say this is just a Moral Education Class, we don't teach Baha'i specific material to children as all the religions are one and are from the same source. We do not 'convert' or try to convert the innocent children to this faith. Here is an example of how the children are being lured and how the seed of Bahaism is being sowed into their 'clear' minds. The same type of classes were held in Egypt, Indonesia, Kurdistan, India and Iran when the Government authorities caught them 'red handed' and punished them for proselytizing.

The Baha'is are worldwide renowned for their hypocrisy and deception.

Please See all the videos and read all the links.

What they teach in Baha'i Children (Moral) Class :

Children Moral Classes in Shiraz, Iran :

Teaching Baha'i writings and prayers to Hindu Children in India

Baha'is arrested in India for Illegally teaching Baha'i faith to villagers

Deceptively teaching Muslim children in Egypt, that sparked violence later.

Deception in Indonesia, Baha'is arrested for breaking the law of Indonesia

Baha'is arrested and deported from Uzbekistan for deceptively teaching the children


  1. All crap and rubbish information.

  2. These are actual videos, see more here :


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