Pedophile teacher of a Baha'i School spoils the life of a Mentally ill student

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Translated from Dutch by Google

March 29, 03:00

Sjerome S., Dutch teacher who is accused of unacceptable acts with underage children in the country, denies the allegations. "What is going on here and all the publicity surrounding it has nothing to do with a desire to protect children. The aim is to destroy me, "he says to Star News.

S. by his employer, the Baha'i community, relieved of his command. "In the interests of the children it is good that there is an investigation," said S.. "I know I've touched any child, but we also know that there are crazy people walking around who do," he says. He finds that the allegations and all the publicity that comes with him gone and have caused enormous damage now demanding rehabilitation.

MP Hugo Jabini (Mega Combination / NDP) who last week asked parliament attention to this matter, says not at all surprised about the denial of Season: "No pedophile will admit that he is guilty of indecent acts with children . The information that now comes up gives me the assurance that this man has not behave properly and responsibly as well. In his denial he mainly calls are not free, "says Jabini. The MP has now made contact with the mother of a mentally disturbed women that S. a child. According Jabini women will find it is still a very serious matter that Sjerome had a sexual relationship with her mentally disturbed daughter and also has fathered a child with her that he would not care.

Cynical conversations

Faced with the facts, interviews with two interns, his voice on the tape, the suspicions of teachers and other incriminating allegations, says S. that manipulation of this material. He does not deny that discussions and decisions have had to have done. "But these statements were part of a bit cynical and philosophical conversations. I can not imagine myself on that basis of that terrible things will be blamed, "he says. The act by which he is a ten year old girl with his arm around her shoulders, would have presented to one of the trainees he does not deny. "I thought I was a tourist in a few days and had built a good relationship so beautiful had conducted interviews. I did not know it was an intern, "he says.

The teacher accused of sexual abuse says that one of the trainees irritated him immensely with this case and asking questions. "I then replied that indeed it is normal in the interior. How we do it here but I have said. Later I understood the friend who interns that I should not have teased him because he does not understand this stuff, "says S.. He reacts a little surprised about the existence of the tape conversations in both the villages in the Upper Suriname region, and from conversations recorded in Paramaribo. One of those calls in Paramaribo is a disagreement between him and the intern who first gave publicity to this case.

The human rights office of Star News Moiwana has previously announced that it is indeed an investigation into this matter. Moiwana is planning the first content to discuss with the authorities. S. said of any call to be aware, at least not on the accusations. "I have spoken with that organization about what it might mean for domestic and other matters," says S.. Star News on Tuesday he promises to come to Paramaribo. "I think about it to myself to give to the police, because I hear that to me is being sought. I therefore can stop by for a further conversation, "says S..

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