Abdul Baha’s aunt Reveals

It is obviously clear that members of a family are more familiar with the events that happen in a family. The serial of writings you are now going to read refers to the statements of Miss Izzatu-l-hajieh (the grand sister of Mirza Husainali Nuri) in her book named; Tanbih-u-Naemeen (warning to the sleep).

In her book which is a reply to the statement issued by Abbas Effendi, she reveals some of the characteristics of Baha'u'llah and the riot he guided.

One of the most important features of all prophets is their illiteracy which is in part one of the proof of their prophecy. in this way Bahaism also think that Mirza Husainali was illiterate(1).

She extremely denies this and says that he begin learning Arabic and literature in childhood and also continued in adolescent, and he was coming and going with mystics and philosophers (2).

Another fact that she says is that in spite of believing to the Bab and his book (Bayan) in which Subh-i-Azal had been chosen as his successor, Baha'u'llah, because of high love to power, began to plot and act against his brother (subh-i-Azal) in order to defeat him and in this way what a massive slaughter he arranged. She says nearly about eighty persons (Azalis) were murdered (3).

Then he began to collect whole document (so that these documents cannot be used by others) referring to Bab's will, that introduced Subh-i-Azal as his successor (4) and because of this he committed huge crimes, as a result a lot of Bab's followers left him.

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She believed that Baha'u'llah had collected the whole versions of Bayan in order to imitate it in his writings and deceive the people, secondly to destroy the whole verses of bayan in order not to be within their reach and thirdly to destroy Bab's will about Subh-i-Azal (1) and of course in this way he used the policy of dissension.

In fact he payed a great deal of respect to Subh-i-Azal, for instance he never sit without his brother's permission or in another move he offered one of his daughters (Abdul Baha's sister) as a gift to Subh-i-Azal and insisted him to accept her as his servant but Subh-i-Azal refused (2).

She then refers to a series of Bab's letters about Subh-i-Azal and even a letter to Baha'u'llah (3) asking him to obey Subh-i-Azal and she makes a conclusion with three probabilities about Baha'u'llah:

1. Baha'u'llah never believe in Bab and he wanted to see the consequence of Bab's motion in order to benefit it.

2. First he accepted Bab but later because of high mania of sovereignty he apostatized.

3. He absolutely denied all prophets and their missions, refused God and considered all the signs of God as fiction. (4)

to be continued....

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