Minorities’ leaders hail induction of Bhatti in cabinet

ISLAMABAD: The religious minorities, church leaders and minority members of parliament applauded the decision of inducting Shahbaz Bhatti to the newly constituted downsized federal cabinet.

They appreciated the government for giving representation to the minorities in the federal cabinet, saying, “Religious minorities play a significant role in nation building and their contribution towards the development, prosperity and integrity of the county is known to all.” Prof Mehrdad of Bahai community, Kalyan Singh of Sikh community, M Parkash of Hindu community and MNAs Ramesh Lal, Asia Nasir, Lal Chand, Dr Nelson Azeem and Rina Kumari in different statements said, “The founding father of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had envisioned Pakistan as a ‘non-discriminative state’, where people of all faiths would have equal rights, religious freedom and equal opportunities.”

All the leaders belonging to different minority communities posed their trust and confidence in the leadership of Bhatti and assured the government of their support and cooperation in the efforts to uplift and empower the marginalised religious minorities.

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  1. Baha'is do not involve in politics?????????


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