The malady of Baha'ism

Around ten years ago I was invited to a Baha'i 'fireside' where some people from the local Doukhobor community had also been invited. The Doukhobour people shared some lovely singing. The traveling Baha'i missionary 'shared' a one hour spiel about the Baha'i Faith. At the end of that one hour spiel she broke out the conversion cards, called declaration cards by Baha'ists. I got a real sinking felling in the pit of my stomach that this was wrong. How on earth could any sane person expect someone to give up their life long religion after a one hour introduction speech?

I had to speak up. I pointed out to that traveling Baha'i missionary that proselytization is not officially allowed in Baha'i teaching and that what she was attempting to do to those Doukhobor people was convert them through proselytization. Well the shit hit the fan. That Bahah'i missionary gave me a look like she would like nothing better than to stab me through the heart. And those lovely Doukhobor people who had shared such lovely voices with us agreed, they were victims of Baha'i proselytization.

Such zealous religious practices are common among Baha'is. Also their profound ignorance of other faiths is common as well. Were those Baha'is even interested in learning about Doukhobor beliefs, no they simply used the guise of Baha'i 'fireside' as a means to hide the true purpose of that 'fireside': conversion to Baha'ism.


Larry Rowe

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  1. Here's another true story of the Baha'i will to convert. When I was living in Burnaby BC around 1990 I was invited by Baha'is living across the street from me to attend a meeting that the Regional Teaching Committee was holding.

    We were instructed to look for "target" individuals amongst the "target" community which was people of Chinese ancestry. We were told to befriend people of that "target" group but to be careful at first not to tell them that Baha'u'llah was a religious leader, a manifestation of God. We were directed to use the dissimulation that Baha'u'llah was a simply social reformer. I felt like I'd walked into a Mooney or Scientology meeting by mistake. It was actually a bit frightening.

    I met one glaze eyed young Baha'i there who openly bragged about how many people he had talked into signing conversion cards. It all made me feel ill.

    I fled that cult fest with my guts telling me to to leave and never look back.


    Larry Rowe


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